The Biggest Difference Between Interior Designing and Interior Styling

Professions under one field tend to overlap. Hence, the unclear distinction between titles and careers. However, there are reasons as to why there are delineations and varieties of jobs in a particular occupation. One of them is because the roles and areas of specialization are separate and require different expertise to handle specific tasks.

In the field of interior design, we are most aware of interior designers. While their jobs carry out many responsibilities, there are other professions you can consult for concerns. In addition, there are multiple specialties and subcategories of interior design, one of which is interior styling.

Upon first glance, interior styling and interior designing seem to be mere synonyms of each other. On the contrary, they are two separate entities with different job roles. Additionally, it is in our best interest to learn the distinction between the two to be more informed regarding interior-related queries. 

Interior Designing

The industry of interior design is rapidly gaining popularity and success. It is no wonder why more are pursuing careers in the field. Moreover, with an area as large as this one, specializations and unique skill sets are bound to arise and develop into niches. 

Interior designing is the umbrella term that encompasses interior styling. However, when going by a professional title, they vary in scale and duties. The former covers a more technical and in-depth grasp of the space to be transformed. For example, designers must know the specifications and configurations of an interior to do their job. This includes understanding the electrical sockets, outlets, fixtures, and ventilation.

Interior designers plan out the layout and design of an internal space of a property. They take into account all the aspects that make up the area. They also have to come up with and work with the elements that make up the place. The walls, the paint, the decor, and even the furniture are all up to the interior designer. They are also professionals who work with higher personnel and large teams to execute a specific vision. 

Interior Styling 

Interior styling might be unheard of, but this interior design area is responsible for several familiar places we have seen. 

Interior stylists are to blame for the glamorous sets we see in commercials, photoshoots, and media. Unlike their designer counterparts, their ultimate goal is to manipulate a location to get the perfect shot and not permanently alter the appearance of a room for aesthetics and functionality. Instead, they are tasked to bring out the best of the place’s features to complement the subject of the shoot. 


Interior designers and interior stylists work under the same principle in different contexts. Tasks of the former are more permanent and functional, while the latter completes temporary sets for commercial use. One thing they do share is that both careers require interior design courses to bring out their best work, though interior styling courses do exist. 

Interior design courses are beneficial tools to help start one’s career in the field. Whether you choose to be a designer or a stylist, these programs will surely give you a steady head start and the proper credentials to do so. Additionally, everything you learn here is practical and applicable to multiple endeavors.