The ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Pat Sajak’s Reactions to Mario Cantone Have Fans Obsessed

While preparing for his Sex and the City spinoff And Just Like That…, actor Mario Cantone made his Celebrity Wheel of Fortune debut last night (Oct. 31). Cantone got things started with the first accurate answer of the night, securing a huge payment by the end of the event. Along the way, even presenter Pat Sajak couldn’t resist joining in on the fun.

“Do me a favor, don’t behave yourself for the rest of the show,” Sajak advised Cantone.

“Oh, I’m not going to!” Cantone immediately responded with a retort.

The actor claimed to wear one of the million-dollar wedges as a Miss America sash while participating on the quiz program. Later, he requested Vanna White to twirl like a Tony Award – he should have gotten one himself for the manner he bought a vowel later in the act.

Fans were obsessed with his over-the-top antics on the program, and many took to social media to applaud him. “Mario Cantone on #celebritywheeloffortune was the lighthearted fun I needed tonight,” said one user.

And, while the fans were obsessed with Cantonese, they did notice that Sajak was getting a touch short with the actor. “Watching Celebrity #WheelOfFortune and Pat is having NONE of Mario Cantone’s pranks,” one person commented. “I love Mario. So much.”

“We’re having great fun tonight,” Sajak said later in the show, teasing Cantone. “My previous job as a cat wrangler is really helping me out.”

Cantone went away with a whopping $48,350 for the Actors Fund, which helps performing artists and entertainment professionals throughout their careers. Cantone ended his appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune with a brief Dirty Dancing riff aimed at Sajak: “I’ve had the time of my life,” he concluded, “and I owe it all to you.”

“Thank you!” Sajak responded. “I will exact payment at some future date.”

Credit: Decider