The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bubbler for Beginners

Using a bubbler pipe when smoking marijuana or other cannabis concentrates will help stop the herb from burning.Bubblers come in several sizes and designs. With these, you breathe in smoke via water rather than the air. While using, the smoke becomes more pleasant and cools down in the water.

Such products are available in various shapes, each designed to serve a particular purpose. Some, for example, are designed for beginners who don’t want to take their time assembling their pipes. Others are for experienced smokers who wish to experiment with different flavors.

Here is a quick buying guide to help folks choose the best one.

When purchasing, you should consider these three factors: size, price, and design. While there are additional considerations, these are the most significant to ensure you obtain the best one.

Various Designs

There are several different styles of bubblers, including traditional upright, hammer, recycler, mini-bong, and more. The design depends on your preferences, as all items deliver water filtering. The traditional look stands tall and has a retro appearance.

The broad shaft neck directs any additional water input, ensuring good functionality and little water splash. Hammered ones look like hammers, as their name suggests. These feature a water chamber attached to the underside of the smoking bowl and resemble spoon pipes. Recycler ones function best for reducing water splash. Due to their more complex construction than other products, these can cost a little bit more. The mini-bongs in the shape of bubblers combine both styles. With these tiny smoking tools, you get the best of both worlds.


You must decide on the bubbler’s size. If you want to take your bubbler on the road, pick something lightweight and reasonably priced. A smaller bubbler is easier to handle and less likely to shatter. A larger bubbler with better water filtration and smoother smoke will be your best option if you know it will be permanently installed in your home. Sizes range widely. You can choose from products that are 4 to 6 inches tall. If you want a large one, pick one between 6 and 10 inches long. They add additional water filtration and are sometimes referred to as giant bubblers.


The least expensive ones you can get range from $15 to $20. Many popular generic tools could cost you $40 or $50. In addition, some well-known brands, like GRAV, provide superb products between $100 and $120. These are finely made and well-built, with fantastic craftsmanship. Although budget-friendly tools are not made of the thickest glass, those always work perfectly and are great for smoking. Spending extra money on a branded bubbler can be necessary to ensure outstanding glass work with thick glass.



Smokers like smoking accessories and equipment that are portable, easy to set up and provide a great experience. A bubbler is perfect if you want a quick, simple way to smoke your delicious dried flowers.

These items provide much smoother hits than every other smoking device. Smaller amounts of smoke, chambers inside the unit, and other elements enable smoother hits with fewer coughing fits. Hence, choose one from a reputed seller that has quality products with exciting deals and discounts.