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These are top 16 Psychological Laws or Advice to make you successful in Life

Today we’re going to learn about 16 laws of psychological power to make you successful in life. To be successful in your life journey, there are certain key advice and tips you need to be able to hit the nail right in the head. Now let’s begin.

1. Stand above.

Good work goes unrecognized, if you want to gain power, a good work ethic is not enough, putting in long hours can easily be overlooked. The people who find power and success, are the people who work hard and get recognized. If you don’t stand out, you’ll blend into the background. your work will be overshadowed and forgotten, no matter how excellent you are. so, take every opportunity to lead and prove yourself. if you stand out, you can achieve your goals ahead of the rest.

2. Hide your intentions.

Imagine you are buying a new car. at the dealership, the car salesman shows you a model that you absolutely love, and you tell the salesman how eager you are to own this car. the salesman gets to know your intentions so he raises the price. Why? because you gave him the power in the conversation. That’s why it’s so important to hide your intentions. All right, let’s go back to our example. you love the car, but this time you act like you just don’t care. Now, you have the power, the salesman has to convince you to buy from him. Most of the time salesmen will drive down the price just to win you over. So, if you want to gain psychological power, hide your intentions. hold the power in every exchange, make the final decision, because you want to stay in control. Give someone just enough details to stay interested, but keep your true intentions to yourself.

3. Actions over arguments.

You can argue as long and as hard as you want, you can take home the moral victory, but winning an argument achieves almost nothing. To gain psychological power, don’t waste your time arguing, if someone wants to argue, let them, if they get defensive, let them nurse their own ego. But you know that actions speak louder than words. Your behavior will win over more people than a good argument ever will.

4. Mind your words.

The more you speak, the less valuable your speech becomes, this is one of the most important laws of psychological power. If you speak only when necessary, you increase the power of your words, people will learn to listen to you, they’ll learn to take you seriously. And you will earn their undying respect. So, if you speak less, you also stop yourself from making clumsy mistakes. Many people run their mouths and then backed themselves into a corner. they leak details or make promises they can’t actually keep. So, if you are mindful of what you say you avoid these pointless mistakes. you ensure that every word is intentional and purposeful, and that gives you psychological power.


5. Cultivate confidence.

Your path will be littered with obstacles failures and setbacks. Your love will run out, people will tell you to quit, and your own brain will stand in your own way, but the people who give up, deprive themselves of psychological power. So, if you want to improve, cultivate confidence in your life. Let your small successes empower yourself worth. Let each victory give you the courage to overcome your next obstacle. Psychological power isn’t just your relationship with others. It’s also how you treat and motivate yourself.

6. Hire your enemies.

Friends are dangerous on your path towards success. we turn a blind eye to our friends, we overlook their mistakes and put too much trust in their decisions. Just when you think you trust someone, they stab you in the back and your career begins to suffer. Instead of getting blindsided by people you trust, earn the loyalty of people that you don’t. you may not like your enemies but hiring someone you don’t trust gives you a clear-headed objectivity. Your enemies will also show you more loyalty, because they have something to prove. Friends are an important part of your life, but friends can steal your power in a heartbeat.

7. People are selfish.

If you need a favor, don’t expect people to be selfless. people are more likely to help when they have something to gain. If they don’t get as much as they give then you’re out of luck. Anytime you ask for a favor. Don’t waste your time with kindness or gratitude. appeal to their self-interest, explain how they will be rewarded, convince them that helping you will solve their problem. Make sure they know exactly how they’re going to benefit in the future. If someone thinks they’re helping themselves, they’re much more likely to do you a favor.

8. Avoid commitment.

Avoid unnecessary promises. commitments get people in trouble, they lock you into one side, they trap you in a box. If your team goes down, you’ll go down with them. That’s why powerful people avoid commitments. they stay open to multiple sides angles and perspectives, they keep one foot in every camp, so they can make the most out of every situation. Powerful People always stay on top because they’re only committed to one person themselves.

9. Play yourself down.

Everyone wants to feel intelligence, if you want to win people over, make sure they feel smart. Sometimes that means you have to play dumb, but you already know you’re intelligent. the fact that you can play dumb means that you have nothing to prove. To put it simply, most people don’t care how intelligent you are, all they care about is their own brain power, so play into their hands, make them feel smart, give them confidence in their own ideas. You will only make enemies by proving your intelligence.


10. Support your superiors.

If you want to climb the ladder, you have to respect the ladder. Don’t try to outshine the people above you, these people will be stepping stones on your road to success. You need their help, so don’t turn your superiors against you. support your boss, be their right-hand man, not their rival, when the next great opportunity comes your superiors will recognize and recommend their allies, not their enemies. Now sometimes this means making your bosses feel smarter than they are. Sometimes this means giving them too much credit for something you really did, but if you want to be successful. Never forget to support your superiors.

11. Stay concentrated.

To find psychological power don’t just identify your strengths, develop them. Many people can do many things at an average level, but they’re so busy jumping from skill to skill that they rarely specialize in anything.

Specialties are one of the keys to success. if you concentrate on one strength, you can build a talent unlike anyone else’s. And in the same way if you want to build psychological power don’t spread yourself too thin. concentrate on one direction, one project or one purpose, invest yourself wholly in that one direction, it’s a bigger risk, but with enough dedication, your reward will be exponentially greater.

12. Effortless achievement.

What do you say after finishing a huge project? do you tell people how hard you work or do you say it was no problem? to gain psychological power, play down your achievements. Make each accomplishment seem easy and natural because people will believe you. Even if you invested countless hours into your work. Show the world someone who’s confident and collected. You should never forget how hard you work, but the world doesn’t need to know.

13. The giant shadow.

Are you succeeding a legend? Do you have gigantic shoes to fill? This is a big problem. on the surface filling a large void seems like a fantastic opportunity. However, if your predecessor did amazing things, you have your work cut out for you.


To get the same level of recognition, you have to surpass the person who came before you. Depending on the job, that may be almost impossible. So don’t fill the shoes of a legend, instead be the person who brings your team back from the brink. fill the void of someone who failed and your success will shine twice as brightly.

14. Set anger aside.

Do you lose your temper easily? Anger is a destructive emotion on your road towards success. anger makes you impulsive, narrow minded and selfish. If someone makes you angry, then know they’ve gotten the best of you. They know they’ve hit a nerve so they’ll keep pushing. Instead of getting angry road distance. ambivalence is a far greater punishment than anger.

When you ignore someone, you steal their power, you force them to get your attention, you make them do the work. strong emotions will hurt your decision making and help others take advantage of you. so, keep your frustrations to yourself, stay calm and stay objective, whenever possible.

15. The calm rush.

Time is a common source of psychological power. the most powerful people are masters of timing and time management. Not only do they pack incredible amounts of work into their daily schedules, they never let their busy days get the best of them, at least not on the outside. they always seem cool calm and collected. They’re never rushing or sweating. they’re always patient with their work and their goals. Because rushing is a recipe for disaster. It creates anxiety and it hurts your reputation. Instead of letting time control you stay in control of your time, your psychological power depends on it.

16. Calculated value.

They say the best things in life are free, but if you want psychological power, you’ll need to spend money when it comes. Some things are worth paying for, even if it’s just a name or a title. the effect of that name or title is worth all the money in the world. It’s okay to be cheap and cost effective in your personal life. However, if you want to climb the ladder, you cannot cut corners.




What exactly is a solar flare? And how can a geomagnetic storm cause auroras to be visible on Earth?

Are you unfamiliar with the terms solar flare or geomagnetic storm? We’ve got your back.

According to NASA, a solar flare is a burst of radiation from the sun caused by the release of magnetic energy linked with sunspots. Flares may last from minutes to hours and are visible via telescopes as brilliant spots on the sun.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a geomagnetic storm occurs when the exchange of energy from the sun reaches the space surrounding Earth via solar wind. These storms may heat the ionosphere — the layer of space between the Earth’s atmosphere and space – resulting in breathtaking auroras here on Earth.

Thus, the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are visible to stargazers in some areas of the United States and far northern and southern regions of the planet following Monday’s “moderate” geomagnetic storm.

The aurora occurs when charged particles from the sun become trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. The particles combine with ambient gas molecules to produce the renowned blazing red and green hues.


While a geomagnetic storm poses little danger to people, it can impair Earth-orbiting satellites and GPS, as well as interrupt certain radio communications, according to NASA.

Some Images

Image Credit: Donna
Image Credit: Donna

The storm was classified as a “G2” storm by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with “G5” being the most severe.

Credit: USToday

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How to use POF for free and easiest way of finding a relationship partner

POF, which is the acronym of Plenty of Fish, is one of the most popular dating websites around the globe. The website has served a lot of people giving them a happy relationship life and home. However, the website is not free from fake users who pretends to be who they are actually not. Read on to know more about POF and how to find the right date for yourself without being deceived.

Over View of POF.

POF is an acronym for Plenty of Fish, it was established around 2003 with a very simple motive and that is to make it easier for people seeking for life partner to find one with ease.

The website only allows the user go through a few processes during registration to be able to find them a better pair which we will discuss later on in this article.

The platform is accessible via website, Android App and iOS App.

How does POF interface looks like?

From the time it was lunched till tomorrow it is certain that the great dating platform for adults will continue will change to best fit it users and out run it competitors.


The interface of POF today is that of world standard designed to improve user experience. Now let’s begin with opening POF in web browser on your computer.

POF Official Logo.

The POF website and logo has a primary color of Deep Pink, Aqua and Midnight Blue. Just like shown in the logo below.

Website Interface.

The moment you visit what you will notice is the website’s colors. With a white background color, Midnight blue and black color for the texts aspect whiles having the Aqua and Deep pink taking care of beautifying the website.

The homepage of the website is pretty straight forward that allows you to click on Register incase if you are new to it and you want to sign up, or login if you are already a member and would want to login to proceed with your search.

How to access POF.

First of all, POF is a platform that requires it users to sign up before they can perform any search or contact other users. So, if you are interested you can just go ahead to click on the registration button on the website or on the app to begin with your membership sign up. Now you can follow the process by filling every single information required to complete your registration to become a fully verified member.

Method of verifying yourself on POF.

POF only operates in some selected countries, which means they only want users from some specific countries to sign up to their platform. for example, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark.


For this reason, POF will request for phone number verification during registration and once that is successful, your registration will be completed.

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5 major differences between a pig and a hog

There is no doubt that a pig and a hog look alike. The word pig is largely known by many people than a hog and this can be attributed to the fact that hogs are kept in an organize space for rearing purposes until they are ready for market whiles pigs are always sold for meat purposes.

Overview of Pig and Hog


A wild or domestic pig is a mammal belonging to the Suidae family. Pigs refer to all domestic pigs in the United Kingdom, whereas hogs refer to immature swine not yet ready for sale and measuring less than 82 kg (180 pounds) in the United States. Pigs are omnivorous animals with thick skin that is generally sparsely covered with small bristles. They have a robust body, short legs, and thick skin. They have two functioning and two unusable fingers on their hooves. Wild populations of domestic North American pigs can still be found in European, Asian, and North African forests.

View below for some facts about pigs

Yes, it is correct! Pigs are the fifth most intellectual mammal on the planet, with the intelligence of a human infant. Pigs, in fact, are cleverer and easier to train than any dog breed. In just two weeks, they remember their names and respond when called. Pigs can even outperform some primates when it comes to video gaming.

Pigs memories are fantastic. They have long-term memories and can recognize and recall items.


The pig’s nose has the largest concentration of touch receptors. It is mostly used by pigs to dig in the ground and detect food. The sense of smell of a pig is roughly 2000 times more sensitive than that of a human.


In the United States of America, a hog is referred to as a pig, particularly one that has been allowed to grow enormous in order to be eaten particularly if you weigh more than 120 lbs (54 kilograms).

Whiles in United Kingdom, a male pig that has had his sexual organs removed and is being maintained for its flesh.

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