This is the best way of creating a YouTube channel for your business or personal use

Creating a YouTube channel is pretty much simple to do. The question is, what next after you successfully create your YouTube channel? Let’s go through how you can get all these done with simple steps.

What is a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a media platform for publishing both audios and videos. It allows for people, businesses, organizations etc. to publish their contents. To be able to publish your media on YouTube you first need to create a YouTube channel and customize your channel with your brand name, banner, location, kind of topic your videos will be aiming at and more.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is easy to do. First, the primary thing you need to get is to create a Gmail account. This is because YouTube and Gmail both belong to Google. At this point I would assume you know how to create a Gmail account or you probably have created one already. Now, let’s look at creating a YouTube channel with your Gmail address. Follow the steps below.

1. Visit and click on the “SIGN IN” button, it will then ask you to sign in with your Gmail account. if you have already logged in to your Gmail using the same browser, YouTube will automatically use it as your account.

2. After signing in successfully, click on your profile icon on your right corner. like shown in the image below.

3. In the pop up menu that appears, click on the “Create a Channel” button like shown in the image below.

4. At this point you are set to decide your Channel name. First if you already have a Channel logo click on number 1 (Upload Picture), like shown in the image below. Now enter your Channel’s name at number 2 (Name). When all is set and done, you can now click on number 3 (Create Channel).

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