Tips On Stardew Valley mushroom tree And It Funtion

A Mushroom Tree is a tree that can be obtained in 2 ways:

A Mushroom Tree Seed can be purchased once Qi’s Walnut Room is unlocked. When planted, it will grow into a Mushroom Tree.
A common tree can turn into a Mushroom Tree according to a rare event in Fall. On each day of Fall, starting on Fall 2, there is a 5% chance of a spawning event being triggered. During the event, the game engine will choose 10 farm tiles at random. If any of those 10 tiles have a fully grown, untapped common tree (or tree stump), then that tree will transform into a Mushroom Tree (or Mushroom Stump). If a mushroom stump is spawned, it will grow into a Mushroom Tree, but not until the following Spring. There are no limits on the number of times this event can occur.
A Mushroom Tree can be chopped down using an axe and will drop 5-6 Red or Purple Mushrooms (plus one for the trunk). It does not yield seeds when shaken or chopped down, but it will spread seeds like a common tree. If unobstructed, seeds spread by a Mushroom Tree have a 20% chance to grow to the next stage each day during Spring, Summer, or Fall. During Winter, Mushroom Tree seeds/saplings do not grow, and fully-grown Mushroom Trees will be reduced to a stump. The following Spring, the stump will regrow to a full tree. Like common trees, the stump may spread seeds to the surrounding area. If hit by lightning, a Mushroom Tree will be reduced to a stump, leaving mushrooms behind, in the same way that common trees leave wood/sap.

A Mushroom Tree can be tapped with a tapper. It yields Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, and Common Mushroom when tapped, except during the Winter. During Winter, the Tapper will remain on the tree, despite the tree itself being replaced by a stump. While tappers will remain on stumps, they cannot be placed on stumps during the Winter. Using a Heavy Tapper will not make the tapping faster.


Tapper Product

The time until harvest depends on the season in which the tapper is placed: 2 Nights in Spring or Summer, 1 Night in Fall; except after harvesting a Purple Mushroom, after which the time will always be 1 night. In Winter, the tapper does not produce, but a mushroom will be ready for harvest on Spring 1 of the next year.[1]

The type of mushroom for the first harvest is determined by the season in which the tapper is placed: Common Mushroom in Spring or Summer, Red Mushroom in Fall.

The type of subsequent mushrooms produced is determined by a combination of the type, date, and season of the mushroom previously harvested. When a Common or Red Mushroom is harvested on the 10th or 20th day of a season, the next time it will produce a Purple Mushroom; when a Purple Mushroom is harvested, the next time it will produce a Red Mushroom. When a Common Mushroom is harvested on a day other than the 10th or 20th, the next time it will produce a Common Mushroom; when a Red Mushroom is harvested on a day other than the 10th or 20th, the next time it will produce a Red Mushroom if harvested in Fall, otherwise, the next time it will produce a Common Mushroom.

Below is a table summarizing what mushroom the tapper will produce after a harvest:

It means the default mushroom is the Common Mushroom. A Purple Mushroom can only be obtained after harvesting on the 10th or 20th. And a Red Mushroom can be obtained once after harvesting a Purple one, or each day in Fall if a Purple one has been harvested before or if the tapper has been placed during the ongoing season. This implies the player can remove and then replace the tapper anytime in Fall to get Red Mushrooms each day until the end of the season, except for the 11th and 21st.

Mashroom Cap Hat

The Mushroom Cap is a unique hat that has a 1% chance to drop from Mushroom Trees when they are chopped down.

Stages Of Growth

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stump


Common trees tapped with a Heavy Tapper instead of a regular Tapper can turn into Mushroom Trees.


SeedMushroom Tree
Tapper productCommon Mushroom
Red Mushroom
Purple Mushroom
Growth TimeVariable