Top 10 Snowiest Towns in the US

Everyone who enjoys snowy weather needs to visit a few of the snowiest US towns to find out what snowfall really means. Many of these places suffer from blizzards and rapid snowfall throughout winter. Their snow plowing services are kept busy, and residents are familiar with shoveling snow off their properties daily.

Despite the cold temperatures, the top 10 snowiest towns in the US offer stunning wintery scenery and plenty of opportunities to enjoy cozy fireside evenings.

1.  Syracuse

This northern New York city takes the title for the snowiest town in the US, with an impressive 92 inches of snowfall expected every year. Due to the lake effect, this area can receive a wintry blast of 2 to 3 inches every hour. To live here, residents have to adapt quickly to snowy conditions and be used to being covered in snow from December through to February.

Lake effect snow

Many towns in the US suffer from heavy snowfall due to the lake effect. This is due to their being situated close to a lake. Cold air meets the warmer lakes during winter, producing heavy snow conditions.

2.  Sault Ste. Marie

Michigan has a few entries, and Sault Ste. Marie makes the top of the list as the snowiest place in this area. Sault Ste. Marie is a real beauty spot, but as a result, it suffers from heavy snowfall. On average, the town will receive 83.5 inches of snow every year. The residents here embrace the snowy conditions by holding a winter ice festival every February where ice carving competitions take place. This is the perfect place for all snow lovers.

3.  Muskegon

Muskegon is a second entry for Michigan, as this lakeside city receives an impressive 76.2 inches of snow yearly. Due to being situated near a lake, the snow is once again the result of lake effect snow. However, this is a must-visit spot for tourists, as it is a stunning location with beautiful scenery.

4.  Erie

Erie in Pennsylvania earns a respectable 4th place for 75.3 inches of snowfall every year. Residents here must be acclimatized to snow and willing to embrace severe snowy conditions as this place is famous for weather extremes.

5.  Caribou

As the most northeasterly city in the US, Caribou in Maine is accustomed to harsh, snowy winters. They expect to have 70.3 inches of snowfall each winter, so snow comes as no surprise to Caribou residents. Caribou makes the most of the snowy conditions, offering over 1600 miles of snowy trails to explore, making it a must-visit place for snow-seeking tourists.

6.  Buffalo

This is the second entry for a New York City, and Buffalo is no stranger to a snowy winter scene. With 70 inches of snow expected annually, the residents of the second-largest city in New York need to be prepared for blizzards and extreme weather. Situated on the east side of Lake Erie, Buffalo is victim to lake effect snow. In 1977 they suffered from some of the worst blizzards in history, so this city is sure to be ready for what winter throws at them.

7.  Flagstaff

Arizona might not be the place you expect to see listed on a top 10 snowiest towns list, but Flagstaff residents expect 61 inches of snow per year. Flagstaff may have an incredible desert landscape with pine forests and hot summers, but at 6903 feet above sea level, they suffer from some of the snowiest winter conditions. 

8.  Juneau

This stunning beauty spot in Alaska receives 60.1 inches of snow each year. However, it has some of the best hiking opportunities in the US and whale-watching sites, making the long snowy winters worth it. This is a gorgeous place that is perfect to live in if you can put up with the snow during the winter months.

9.  Elkins

Elkins is a small town in West Virginia with plenty of personality. The residents here live the outdoor life, so they are not phased by 59.9 inches of snow every winter. This charming town is a fantastic place to visit, and tourists can make the most of snowy activities here during winter.

10. Grand Rapids

Another entry for Michigan, Grand Rapids, is a large city on the east side of Lake Michigan. Residents here expect 57.5 inches of snow each year, and while it is 10th on the list, this is still a significant amount of snowfall, so nothing to be taken lightly.

Visiting a snowy town

Anyone looking to enjoy a trip to the US to experience snow must visit one of the top 10 snowiest towns. Each place has a lot to offer, and the snowy landscape makes the visit even more enjoyable. From snow sports to enjoying snowy scenery, these unique places have something to offer everyone during winter. Just remember to travel prepared for harsh snowfall.