Tips On stardew Valley Watering Cans And Its Operation

The Watering Can is a tool obtained at the beginning of the game that is used to water Crops. It may be refilled at any water source, including the kitchen sink (if the player has an upgraded house).

Every crop needs to be watered each day until fully grown. An immature crop that goes unwatered on any day does not die, but it does not grow either. Mature crops that produce multiple harvests also require daily watering.

Crops planted outside do not need to be watered on days in which it rains. Crops grown indoors (like the Greenhouse and in Garden Pots) need to be watered regardless of weather, as rain does not cover them. Crops grown from Winter Seeds do need to be watered each day in Winter, even if it is snowing. Mature crops that produce a single harvest do not need to be watered, they may be left in place until the player wishes to harvest them. (Note that the formation of Giant Crops requires daily watering of mature plants.)

Using Retaining Soil fertilizer allows crops to stay watered for extra days. Using Sprinklers allows multiple crops to be automatically watered throughout days.

The Watering Can may be upgraded at the Blacksmith. The cost and resource requirements for each upgrade are shown in the table below.

Watering Multiple Tiles

Multiple squares can be reliably watered only in a direct line (up/down or left/right) from the player’s current position. The watering region expands in stages, first three squares, and then to five squares, then to a 3 by 3 box, then to a 3 by 6 box.

On a PC, hold left-click to “power-up” an upgraded Watering Can in stages, then release it when the desired area is highlighted. On console, hold down the Y button until a green selection of tiles appears. On a mobile device, tap on the closest square to be watered and wait (very briefly) until the avatar scrunches down, then drag out to the farthest square to be watered, and release when the area to be watered is highlighted.

Upgrades and Water Consumption

At minimum power, all Watering Cans water one tile and use one unit of water (one charge). A maximum-power Copper Watering Can uses 2 units of water and waters 3 tiles. A maximum-power Steel Watering Can uses 3 units of water, Gold uses 4, and Iridium uses 5 units of water. If the amount of water in a can is not enough to cover a powered-up area, the game will allow the powered-up operation anyway.

Tips for upgrading the watering can:

It takes 2 nights to upgrade the Watering Can. For example, if the watering can is given to Clint on the 10th day of the season. It will be ready on the 12th day.
It’s easier to upgrade the watering can in winter, since it’s not required that season.
It is a good idea when wanting to upgrade the watering can mid-season, to first check the TV for the weather report. If a rainy/stormy forecast is shown, water all of the crops and give the watering can to Clint the same day. Next day all of the crops will be watered by the rain. The watering can will be ready the day after that.
It is also a good idea to upgrade the watering can on the 27th day of any season, since most crops don’t need to be watered on the last day (28th), as they will die when the new season comes. The watering can will be ready on the 1st day of the next season.


Watering a Torch, Campfire, or other crafted lighting object will not put it out; it will remain lit.
The sink inside an upgraded farmhouse counts as a water source. However, the sinks inside villager houses do not.

Energy Cost

See Proficiency

Grades of Watering Can

Watering CanStarter toolN/AHas a total water capacity of 40 charges before it has to be refilled.
Copper watering can 2000gCopper Bar(5)Capacity increased to 55 charges.
Increases maximum area of effect to 3 tiles in a straight line.
Steel watering can5000gIron Bar(5)Capacity increased to 70 charges.
Increases maximum area of effect to 5 tiles in a straight line.
Gold watering can10000gGold Bar(5)Capacity increased to 85 charges.
Increases maximum area of effect to 3*3 area (18 correspondent tiles.)
iridium watering can25000gIridium Bar(5)Capacity increased to 100 charges.
Increases maximum area of effect to6* 3 area (18 correspondent tiles.)