What kind of room has no doors or windows

Ruby McKenzie
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Are you still scratching your head wondering what kind of room has no doors or windows? the answer is tricky and not easy at all, in fact practically it will be impossible for you to find the answer if you haven’t seen or touch this room before, unless probably you have read the answer from somewhere before.


I’m pretty sure the first time you heard – what kind of room has no doors or windows? you were thinking that must be available in the spiritual world or on another planet. Well that room is right in this planet earth. Have you ever ate mushroom before? if not, have you ever seen or heard of mushroom before? I will leave a photo of mushroom below so that you can see how it looks but before that let me tell you a bit about mushroom. Mushrooms are a type of edible fungus that can give a variety of nutrients.

Why is Mushroom the Answer?

This question; what kind of room has no doors or windows? is a riddle and in riddle you need to twist the question to make it tricky but must still have some evidence of truth in it. so you see, you are asked of a room without doors or windows, and here it the case we have a word “Mushroom” when you take out the “Mush” you will be left with “room”. in the photo above you can see that the mushroom do not have any windows or doors. therefore the Mushroom becomes the answer.

Now that you know that mushroom is the answer to; what kind of room has no doors or windows? You can also trick others with this question. don’t forget this is riddle and in riddle you must always act smart to find the answer.

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