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What kind of room has no doors or windows

Are you still scratching your head wondering what kind of room has no doors or windows? the answer is tricky and not easy at all, in fact practically it will be impossible for you to find the answer if you haven’t seen or touch this room before, unless probably you have read the answer from somewhere before.


I’m pretty sure the first time you heard – what kind of room has no doors or windows? you were thinking that must be available in the spiritual world or on another planet. Well that room is right in this planet earth. Have you ever ate mushroom before? if not, have you ever seen or heard of mushroom before? I will leave a photo of mushroom below so that you can see how it looks but before that let me tell you a bit about mushroom. Mushrooms are a type of edible fungus that can give a variety of nutrients.

Why is Mushroom the Answer?

This question; what kind of room has no doors or windows? is a riddle and in riddle you need to twist the question to make it tricky but must still have some evidence of truth in it. so you see, you are asked of a room without doors or windows, and here it the case we have a word “Mushroom” when you take out the “Mush” you will be left with “room”. in the photo above you can see that the mushroom do not have any windows or doors. therefore the Mushroom becomes the answer.

Now that you know that mushroom is the answer to; what kind of room has no doors or windows? You can also trick others with this question. don’t forget this is riddle and in riddle you must always act smart to find the answer.

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Easy Steps to Merge Your SSNIT to NIA Ghana Card

Social Security and National Insurance Trust SSNIT by the end of the year 2021 expect all their members to fully merge their SSNIT number with NIA Ghana Card to avoid forfeiting their SSNIT benefits. To make the merging simple for those who cannot visit SSNIT offices, You can do this any where using your phone. at least you can try this first so that when it does not work, then you can visit SSNIT office near you for an assistance.

How to Merge SSNIT Number to NIA Ghana Card

Follow the Steps below to be able to do the merging;

  1. Dail *711*9# on your Phone
  2. Select Option 1
  3. Enter your SSNIT number
  4. Enter your email address(That is, if the phone number you are using is different from your phone number registered on SSNIT’s Database)
  5. Enter the Personal ID number on your Ghana card
  6. Select Option 1 to complete the merging of your SSNIT and the NIA numbers (Personal ID number on your Ghana card)
  7. You will receive a notification after the merging is done.

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How to Cancel a Pending Order on Amazon

It becomes necessary for you to cancel your order on Amazon when you no longer want it, or probably you want to change the product for another. It could be tricky if it’s you are new to Amazon and you have not yet deeply used Amazon. Scroll down and let me give you the guide to Cancel your Order on Amazon.

Cancelling Order on Amazon.

Before we start you must take note that you can only cancel an order or item which has not yet entered the shipping process.

1. Firstly navigate to your order section on Amazon’s website and select the item /s you would want to cancel.

2. Click the box next to each item you want to remove from your order. To cancel all of it, click on every checkbox!

3. When you’re done selecting, click on the “Cancel” button to continue.

4. Upon submitting a cancellation request, Amazon will send you an email confirmation to the account holder’s email.

The confirmation that the order was canceled can be found at Your Orders. If you see it in the Canceled Orders section, then your cancellation request has been successful!

Please Note

Amazon’s Online Returns Center is a great service for their customers to use if they have any issues with the items that shipped directly from Amazon. They can just refuse or return an order no problem!

If you need to cancel an order that was shipped from a seller, contact the seller. They will provide you with an instructions for how best to proceed with cancelling your purchase.

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Why is My Room so Hot, 5 Reasons why Your Room Gets Hot

Sometimes your room gets hotter and you ask yourself Why is my room so hot? Your question really is a genuine one especially when you are in a country that can sometimes record the temperature off the weather in negative degrees. Scroll down with me in this post, let me educate you on certain things could help you avoid this situations from re-occurring.

1. When open your blinds and windows during day time.

When it’s summer, it’s important to take precautions in order to keep your home cool. Make sure that you close all windows and doors during the day so that hot air and sun rays can’t enter from outside into your house. You should also invest in curtains or hanging window plants as these will help with deflecting direct sunlight which would otherwise add extra warmth inside of your rooms.

2. Air Duct Problems

Imagine the air you breathe coming from your own home. It is an integral part of who and what we are, yet many people take it for granted until they start having issues with their ductwork within the walls of their house. Air can be polluted with bacteria or other toxins that can make us sick if not properly filtered through a system like our HVAC, but sometimes even those systems might fail to work effectively because some parts may have been crushed by heavy objects while others were accidentally torn off completely when something was moved around in one room too quickly without realizing how important these pieces really are!

The ductwork in your home is more than just a way to move air. If there’s an issue with it, the airflow can be disrupted and not reach certain rooms of your house or even leak out making for uneven temperatures throughout the entire house.

3. Windows that are old and inefficient

Think about the shudders of a theater when you walk in. The room is flooded with light, but that giant wall prevents it from getting too hot or cold inside. You want your home to be like this! Double-pane windows are good for keeping out natural elements and preventing heat gain on sunny days, especially because they also prevent radiant heating – an excellent way to save more energy than ever before by simply changing up your window treatments

If you live in an older house with inefficient double pane windows which may contribute some unwanted heat into certain areas of the house then consider replacing them with Low E glass type replacement.

4. The ceiling fans are rotating in a clockwise direction.

According to a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, you can get cold air circulating throughout your home if you place ceiling fan blades in an anti-clockwise position. In this way, they create wind that has been shown as providing relief from hot weather even more than blowing on yourself directly with traditional hand fans or coolers.

5. Some high voltage light bulbs

The incandescent light bulb is an outdated, inefficient form of lighting that wastes nearly 90% of its energy in the heat it emits. This means that all this warmth is trapped inside your home and not allowed to escape into the outside world. In a typical household, many people may still be using these old-fashioned bulbs which are responsible for heating up their homes unnecessarily during night time,

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