What To Consider When Choosing Flowers For Grandma On Mother’s Day

Ruby McKenzie
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Mother’s Day is an important holiday dedicated to celebrating our mothers. One of the most common Mother’s Day gifts are flowers. What should you consider when choosing flowers for grandmothers on Mother’s Day?

Flower symbolism is important when choosing what to get a grandmother for Mother’s Day. Different flowers symbolize different things. In fact, they’re so symbolic that many movies, books, and TV shows have a character’s favorite flower symbolize their fate or personality. You should consider getting white roses, asters, pink carnations, or red roses.

The rest of this article will cover white roses, asters, pink carnations, and red roses.

White Roses

White roses are popular and beautiful flowers. The white petals of the roses are a gorgeous take on traditional red roses. If you want to do something different while still having a classic style, then white roses are perfect. Along with that, they’re very symbolic.

White roses symbolize purity and innocence. They can also symbolize eternal love or a new beginning. You’ll see white roses used at weddings and other romantic outings. They’re a perfect choice to show love while also symbolizing everlasting youth.

The eternity attached to white roses is something to be admired. White roses are perfect for any occasion, particularly Mother’s Day because a mother’s love is very impactful on your life. By gifting your grandmother white roses, you’re showing her she has eternal pureness, even in the midst of a new beginning.


Fun fact, asters were named after the Greek word for star. The reason why is because when they bloom, they look like stars. If you have a grandmother who is into astronomy and all things star-related, you should get her a bouquet of asters.

Asters symbolize love, wisdom, and faith. Back in Greek mythology, these flowers became a symbol of love. Not only that but they were laid on the altars of Greek gods. If you want a historic and beautiful flower, you should consider getting an aster.

Pink Carnations

Pink carnations have a different kind of symbolism that may be more up your alley. Pink carnations don’t have the typical symbols attached to love, rather they symbolize gratitude. They symbolize love differently than other flowers.

If you want to express gratitude to your grandmother, give her pink carnations. In the story of Mary and Jesus, pink carnations represented a mother’s love. If your grandmother is faithful, pink carnations are perfect for her.

Red Roses

Red roses are a classic. You’ll see them all around on romantic holidays. Yes, they are romantic flowers, but that’s because they’re full of love and symbolism. You can use them to represent your love and passion for the person you’re gifting them to.

These roses symbolize devotion. If you want to let your grandmother know you love her and are devoted to her, you can get her red roses. They’re a classic you can get from any store that sells flowers. They’re never a bad choice thanks to how traditional they are.

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