The Legality of Fantasy Sports in India

Fantasy sports have been around for a while with millions of users enjoying playing their favourite games on their preferred platforms. But despite all the hype and mainstream success these game have had, one question often pops up amongst the gaming fraternity is that, Is Fantasy sports legal to play? Well, the answer is Yes it is legal to play fantasy sports in India as it is a game of skill and judgment. 

Talking about fantasy sports there is nothing that comes close to the magnitude of fantasy cricket games. The cricket mad audience of the country has a huge following of users who are registered on a number of fantasy cricket websites enjoying building their dream teams. With the T20 league playing a prominent role in diversifying the fan experience, there is no doubt that fantasy cricket game is here to stay and is expected to grow exponentially in coming years. 

The reason why fantasy cricket games are completely legal to play is that there is no element of luck or chance involved in the games. Here the users simply add in the entry fee for the tournament and then select a total of 11 players which they deem worthy of making their dream team based on their research and knowledge. Now, the players who have got their picks spot on will receive a maximum number of points thus resulting in a big piece of pie from the prize pool of cash rewards. 

Indeed fantasy cricket games do require the users to be well prepared and on top of their cricket game if they are to pick a winning team. Now, with a casual approach and laidback attitude will only see a player win a sizeable amount once a blue with consistent shortcomings and mediocre results. Therefore you see not a lot of players are able to reach the top of leaderboards as it requires passion, commitment, and proper research to get yourself in that position. 

If you are looking for some tips to get better at picking a winning fantasy cricket team here are a few highlights which you would want to consider. 

First things first, this is fantasy sports here you have no room for favoritism, do away with picking your idols who are not in good shape or form and turn towards the players who have got performance under their belt. You see you need points to win in fantasy cricket and with no outcome on the pitch you will be left with nothing but big names who failed to deliver not only for the team but also for your fantasy side, so pick your team wisely.  

The next important tip is to ensure you are following the teams and the key players on a daily basis. You need to be in check with the player’s fitness level, injury history, and recent statistics. All of these parameters will ensure that you find a fit, well-trained, and in form player which in turn will award you with points. See while making a team you’ve got to be positive and conscious in working towards building a strong team with reliable individuals. 

Last but not least, select the best picks for the captains as they provide you with an additional bonus point. The best way to go about picking captains is to go with an unpopular opinion as you have already banked upon the key player that are added to the team so why not take a shot at a young gun or upcoming champ who is not expected to do well? Even if the performance of that player is mediocre it will boost the total point because of the pick of the captain card that is placed on its head. 

See, there is no denying that sometimes repetitive failures in fantasy cricket provide one with a sulking feeling but at the same time it provides you with new hope and opportunity to better the previous result. In a nutshell, fantasy cricket has bridged the gap between the sport and the fans. And for those who still are not sure about the legality of the fantasy games, let me tell you that the Supreme Court of India itself has deemed the games legal to play.