Who Are The People Leading Today’s Entertainment Industry

Very few young people today read books or even magazines. People get their entertainment from videos, social media platforms, and sometimes online articles.  Because most entertainment takes place online, people leading today’s entertainment industry tend to be digital stars who have made their names on social media or in films and television, not through writing books or the arts.

But who are the people leading today’s entertainment industry? If you want to stay relevant (and keep in touch with trending forms of media) then you need to be able to answer this question.

Porn Stars

If you have used social media at all in the last few years, you will be familiar with the site OnlyFans. It is a website that allows independent models, unconnected with large studios, to monetize pornographic content. Many of OnlyFans’ biggest stars are also social media influencers. They, therefore, are very influential and in many respects lead the world’s entertainment industry. You can use guides and ranking sites to learn about who the top pornstars- today are. Porn stars fade in and out of relevance, so the top ones are always changing. You will be able to clearly see this if you use a ranking site.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a lot of porn stars also double as influencers. But what are influencers? Well, influencers are social media personalities who have amassed huge followings. Many of them actually have no discernible talent or skill other than the fact that they are beautiful and look good in the clothes that they model. In spite of this, they are very influential and exert a lot of control over society, trends, and what’s considered fashionable. Influencers can be found almost exclusively on social media, with Instagram being the favorite of most.

Movie Stars

Movie stars are still very important, though less so than they were half a century ago. Social media influencers have taken over for movie stars, in many respects. Even so, some movie stars continue to remain relevant. Usually, movie stars who also get involved in politics are the most relevant. At the moment, young people are very concerned with identity and politics. This fascination and concern with one’s identity and political views, therefore, mean that they gravitate more toward celebrities who share their beliefs and opinions. Most movie stars have social media pages and some even double as influencers.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we arrive at musicians. Musicians are without a doubt the most significant figures in the modern entertainment industry. People love music today. In particular, rap music is very popular. Musicians all have social media pages, act as influencers, and receive sponsorships from big companies to promote products. They also make money through their music, of course. Musicians lead today’s entertainment industry because young people are a lot more interested in music than they are in television and movies. Many musicians also have their own YouTube channels where they post non-music-related content.

The modern entertainment industry relies heavily on social media and other forms of technology. Musicians exert the most control over it, with influencers coming in just behind them.