Who is Alex Murdaugh and why did he kill his family?

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Alex Murdaugh, the attorney who has faced serious allegations of killing his wife and son, was officially charged with nine counts of tax evasion by a grand jury in South Carolina on Friday. These charges are in addition to the other legal troubles he has been dealing with since the tragic deaths of his family members over a year ago.

Alex Murdaugh Biography

Alex Murdaugh was born on June 17, 1968, in the state of South Carolina in the United States; however, there is no information available regarding who his parents are.

A report that was published in January 2022 revealed that Alex Murdaugh has been accused of misbehavior that relates to financial concerns as well as setting up a suicidal insurance fraud scam. These allegations were made in connection with Alex Murdaugh.

According to the most recent charges, it is stated that Alex Murdaugh stole more than $2.2 million that was intended for Natarsha Thomas, Hakeem Pinckney, Arthur Badger, and Deon Martin. As of right now, the reports disclosed that Alex Murdaugh has been charged with 23 offences in four new indictments.

The story claims that Alex Murdaugh’s great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all lawyers. For those who are unaware, this means that Alex Murdaugh comes from a family that has a strong reputation in the legal community.

How old is Alex Murdaugh?

Born on June 17, 196, Alex Murdaugh is currently 55 years old.

How tall is Alex Murdaugh?

Alex Murdaugh height is approximately around 5 ft 9 inches.

Alex Murdaugh education

Alex Murdaugh went to Hampton High School and then got a BA in political science from the University of South Carolina and a law degree from the University of Carolina School of Law in 1994.

The record showed that Alex was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in November 1994. Since then, he has been practicing law.

Alex Murdaugh Career

According to what was found in the record, Alex Murdaugh is a well-known legal practitioner and serves as a legal counselor to PMPED law company. On the other hand, it was speculated that he had staged his own suicide three months after the murders of his wife and son.

Alex Murdaugh’s net worth

According to reports, Alex Murdaugh has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

Alex Murdaugh wife

The union of Alex Murdaugh and Magaret Murdaugh lasted until her passing in 2021, and during that time, the couple was blessed with two sons whom they called Paul and Buster Murdaugh.

Alex Murdaugh children

According to the information that was gathered, Margaret “Maggie” Kennedy Branstetter Murdaugh, who was married to Alex Murdaught and passed away on the same day as her son Paul Terry Murdaugh on June 7, 2021, at the age of 53.

Alex Murdaugh siblings

The record doesn’t reveal whether Alex Murdaugh has any siblings.

Alex Murdaugh nationality


Why did Alex Murdaugh kill family Reddit?

Margaret, who was 52 years old at the time of her unsolved murder in June 2021, and the couple’s younger son, Paul, who was 22 years old at the time, shattered the picture-perfect image of the well-connected legal family in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Murdaugh, whose father, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather were each elected as top prosecutors in the region in posts that collectively spanned over 90 years, rejected responsibility for the deaths almost immediately after they were reported.

Where is Alex Murdaugh now?

Murdaugh, who is 55 years old, is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. This sentence was given to him for the tragic act of taking the lives of his wife and younger son. According to prosecutors, the attorney, who has since been disbarred, was concerned that investigators were on the verge of discovering that he had embezzled millions of dollars from both his law firm and clients. It appears that he was attempting to elicit sympathy and gain additional time in order to conceal his illegal activities.

Murdaugh strongly denied committing the murders, both when questioned by investigators and while testifying in court.

Why didn t Alex Murdaugh kill buster?

On September 14, 2021, authorities released additional information regarding the roadside shooting. According to their claims, it is alleged that Murdaugh orchestrated a plan for someone to murder him, with the intention of enabling his older son, Buster, to receive a payout from a $10 million life insurance policy. A man named Curtis Edward Smith, 61, has been arrested on several charges including assisted suicide, assault and battery, pointing and presenting a firearm, insurance fraud, and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. This then means perhaps he had no plan of killing his elder son.


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