Who Makes The Most Money F&I Manager Or Sales Manager

Ruby McKenzie
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Sales managers and F&I managers are both crucial parts in a car dealership company. The sales manager is responsible for the entire sales team, while the F&I manager is responsible for the financial aspects of the sale, such as insurance and warranties. 

Both positions are important in order to ensure that the dealership is making money and that customers are getting what they need. But, who earns more money? Read on to know who makes the most money an F&I manager or sales manager

Duties of an F&I manager

The Automotive F&I manager is in charge of the dealership’s product training, customer relations, and accounting. Credit applications and payments can also fall under the purview of the F&I manager. The F&I manager’s role helps salespeople better focus on meeting the needs of potential customers.

Duties of a sales manager 

The role of a sales manager is to oversee the sales team and make sure they are meeting their goals. This includes coaching and mentoring the team, providing support, and monitoring their progress. 

A sales manager is also responsible for creating and implementing strategies to increase sales. They must also be able to manage budgets and track expenses. In order to be successful, a sales manager must have strong people skills and be able to motivate their team.

Who makes the most money an F&I manager or sales manager

Both the F&I manager and the sales manager make a considerable amount of money; however, who makes more?                                                        

According to Finance Manager Training,  There is a $7,500 difference in annual salary between F&I Managers and Sales Managers, on average.

Figures from 2015 show a 7 percent increase in the F&I Managers’ annual salary, while sales managers’ annual salary has increased by only 5 percent.

Because of their workload to earnings ratio, F&I Managers have an advantage.

When compared to the sales manager, who has to desk each and every customer who walks in, the F&I Manager only works with customers who have decided to buy a vehicle.

Which position should you choose?

There is a big difference between being an F&I manager and a regular sales manager. The skills that are needed for each job are different. A regular sales manager needs to be able to build relationships with customers and get them to buy products or services. They also need to be able to manage a team of salespeople.

A F&I manager, on the other hand, needs to be good at selling products and services, but they also need to know a lot about car financing and insurance. They need to be able to explain the different options that are available, and help the customer choose the right one for their needs. 

Hence, you should choose the position that matches with your skills and knowledge.


In a car dealership, both sales and sales F&I managers are critical to the company’s success. All of the company’s sales reps report to him, while the finance manager is in charge of the money that comes in from each sale. 

Both of these roles are critical if the dealership is to remain profitable. Hope our article helped you learn who makes the most money between a sales manager and a sales F&I manager.

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