5 romantics ways to surprise your partner this anniversary

Anniversaries are better celebrated with surprises from our partners, and in order to help you spice up your relationship, I shall take you through 5 romantic ways to surprise your partner this anniversary.

Go down memory lane together

On your anniversary, you can go down memory lane with your partner on how you met each other. Talk about where you met, who first fell in love, your first date, the smiles, laughter and glitters. This would mean bringing the most precious memories you both ever had together, the honeymoon and all of the good moments that you ever shared through your meeting and through the year. This memorable discussion would demand that you really dedicate some quality time with your partner, and this can just get your anniversary to a surprising blast. Well, need I add that such memorable recountings need not be done in a boring place?

Plan a visit to your favorite spots

If you have been very keen and attentive, you will have observed that your partner always talked about enjoying visiting a particular place, center or resort. We all have our favorite spots or places where we enjoy being or where we have always wished to visit but for want of time or resources. You can pull an anniversary surprise by arranging a surprise visit to such places with your partner. It will not only make them feel sweet and special it will get the person to believe that you have always paid attention to their wishes and that you have always wanted them to be happy. Asking couples about their favourite anniversaries, a significant percentage noted travelling to unique places provided the best experiences. Alison and John who run a chastity store in NZ said a surprise overseas trip for their anniversary provided an experience they’d never forget – and resulted in them starting a family!

Replicate your favorite show at home

Now, I know this might seem funny, but you can actually pull such a sweeping surprise with it this anniversary. Just think, what is that one show that you and your partner have always enjoyed watching each time you are at home? Do you enjoy watching cooking competitions, games or dancing? What about that favorite artist that you both always admire when you watch them? Now what more can be more surprising than letting that favorite show or artist happen just for both of you and your partner. For instance, did you know that having your partner’s favorite artist show up unexpectedly or even taking your partner to their shows for this anniversary can just get them crying with joy? Think also of having such a big surprise as making that cooking competition you both enjoy watching, happen on your anniversary. It will turn into such a great surprise and fun, and you will have made your anniversary such a memorable one.

Pull a surprise with your partner’s dream

Well, you see, pulling a surprise necessarily doesn’t have to mean spending too much for your pocket or budget. It is actually doing the least expected that would get your partner feeling fly this anniversary. So, ask yourself, what is that one wish that your partner has always dreamt of having? It might be a gift, yes, just a simple gift. Has she been having issues with a particular thing and has always wished to change to change that? Just think of that frequent wish or dream the person has always wished. Offer that gift and do so in a very memorable way. Get your partner screaming and jumping out of joy by making them stand before that dream this anniversary.

Do the unusual

Have you thought of getting your house lit with great designs, or of leaving some well-crafted cards at some strategic parts of the house where your partner can stumble upon them as they tour the house? Let each of those cards carry what you feel or think about them and the dates and memories you both shared in your relationship. Tell them how you love and cherish them through those non-verbal designs and watch them come refreshed with joy.


You can explore these 5 romantic ways to surprise your partner this anniversary as we have listed but you must not be limited by them. Pulling surprise on your anniversary entails exploring the world of your relationship which you have both developed over time, and there can be no limit to that.