700,000 Views of John Cusack’s White Sox Confrontation Video

A video of John Cusack being accosted by a Barstool Sports writer over his support for the White Sox has gone viral, and the actor is being lauded for his cool demeanor in the face of adversity.

The High Fidelity actor has had a long-running spat with Dave Williams of Barstool Chicago over his support for two Chicago baseball clubs, the White Sox and the Chicago Cubs.

Williams’ June post highlights the podcaster’s issue with this.

“Cusack is wearing a pink hat. Always seen in Wrigley and Sox Park wearing black and white or blue and red. He supports BOTH teams “Williams penned an article.

“This is not permitted. In Chicago, we have two teams. You choose one of them to root for and then despise the other. That’s how it works, and it’s as easy as that. You are not permitted to root for both, like John did here.”

Now, Williams gets the opportunity to express his thoughts straight to Cusack’s face during the Astros vs. White Sox game on Sunday.

A video of Williams questioning the actor over his dual baseball loyalties has gone viral after being shared on Twitter by the Barstool Chicago account.

The video has been seen over 700,000 times, with John Cusack’s name trending on Twitter on Monday.

Cusack questions Williams about the White Sox, and when he is unable to answer, the actor replies, “That demonstrates your ignorance.”

The actor addressed the brawl in a series of tweets in response to fans.

“He’s not a Red Sox fan, and he knows nothing about the team when I question him about it. He’s a clickbait jerk “In one tweet, he refers to Williams.

He said, “I wouldn’t do that to a child—but the youngster needs to learn some etiquette,” and claims Williams’ actions was “not clever or courteous.”

He also chastised Williams for seeking attention by approaching him, writing on Twitter, “Not this lifetime sir 😉 sone swine need to be taught or remembered some fundamental manners and an attitude of respect towards others – we are not all viral possibilities anc moments to be utilized by some fool.”

Many individuals agree with Cusack and are embarrassed by Williams’ actions.

“Stop doing this. This is a poor example for children and does not reflect the spirit of baseball. You don’t get to choose who gets to root for who. Stop doing it. You’re introducing gloom into the mix, “Patricia Arquette, the actress, tweeted.

“Why would you share a video of you being annoying and then also getting absolutely owned by John Cusack haha,” said another admirer.

“Can you picture being worked this hard by John Cusack and then uploading it?” said another.

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