8 Best crap strategies you need to know

With numerous bets and a flurry of action, the game of craps may be highly complicated. A novice needs practice keeping track of everything during play and becoming acquainted with putting bets. Beginning players should “keep it basic,” as with many casino games until they become more accustomed to how the game is played. As a result, the player can interact with other players at the table and understand what is happening without worrying about slowing down play or making a silly error.

This “go slow” strategy is crucial when playing craps. The house edge on craps differs significantly from one wager to the next, making it somewhat unique among casino games. Among craps, bets have a low “house edge,” making them some of the finest bets in the casino. However, because they have a vast “house edge,” other craps bets are among the poorest wagers available in the casino. You may prevent reckless play that *always* benefits the house by taking your time and understanding how to wager logically and systematically.

You may be familiar with many games and must have played a few at the casino. But craps is something that many of us are aware of but lack the information on how to play the game and make fair chances to win.

1.  Iron Cross

The Iron Cross is a well-liked safe betting strategy in craps since you only lose everything if a 7 appears, while every other total offers a gain. The Iron Cross craps strategy aims to roll a win on your initial roll, then move on after turning a profit on subsequent rolls. The Iron Cross system, in further detail, is a combined wager on two sets of numbers: the Field (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12), as well as Place wagers on numbers 5, 6, and 8, which are bets that one of these totals will appear before a 7. The Iron Cross’ most significant benefit is that it lowers the overall house edge for players to about 1.14 percent.

2.  Come and Pass with Odds

The technique that has you betting with the shooter with the lowest house edge is betting pass and come with odds. A pass line bet is a wager on the shooter’s roll to win, which entails betting on the shooter to achieve a predetermined point successfully or on the dice to roll a 7 or an 11. The low house edge of 1.41 percent exists for the pass line. With free odds, the house advantage is considerably lower, falling to 0.02 percent for casinos that offer 100x odds from 0.8% with single odds.

A Come wager can be made on whether any point numbers will be rolled if a point number is determined on the come-out roll. The odds for Come plus odds remain the same.

Two or three come bets should come after your pass wager. Because there is no house advantage with free odds, place most of your stake there. The singapore online casino allows players to start by placing the lowest stake at the table on the pass or come, then place the remaining bet in odds while ensuring your bankroll can withstand the danger.

3.  Don’t Come with Odds, and Don’t Pass

The odds are significantly lower at 1.36 percent, but they are the opposite of Pass and Come in that they wager against the shooter making his point. Edges when laying the odds decrease as well, from 0.7% to 0.1% with 100x. The odds do not have a house edge, unlike the pass-and-come-plus odds. Although they don’t pass and don’t come, bets do. Be warned that the total wager, similar to the Pass and Come with odds bets, might be substantial even when starting with little wagers.

4.  Putting 6 and 8

This popular tactic allows you to choose your numbers rather than waiting for the shooter to make a point. You only place a wager on the 6 or 8 rolling before a 7, as the case may be. This is because, besides 7, the numbers 6 and 8 are most frequently rolled. Placements 6 and 8 have a higher house edge of 1.52%, which is still less than most bets you can place in a casino.

5.  Different Systems

These new tactics aim to achieve swift and significant victories. Be prepared to arrive with a pre-set budget because they are more aggressive and can quickly deplete your money. However, players who desire a shortcut to the don’t side without fully adhering to it still have a soft spot for alternate techniques.

Despite being somewhat risky, the alternative techniques are fantastic for players who like to play using free odds and don’t require waiting for the shooter to get a score. Despite the excellent chances of success of the alternative strategies, bear in mind that the house advantage is much more significant than that of the other bets.

6.  Make bets

Once the shooter makes a point, you can place bets on the pass line using this craps betting technique. Even if the come-out roll is 6, which in the current scenario equals your point number of 6, you can still place bets on the pass line. A prominent edge of 9.1% offsets the actual payout of the put bets method. However, only points 6 or 8 qualify for this. The house edge rises from 20% to 33.3% for point numbers 4 or 10 if the rollout points are 5 or 9.

The skipping of the come-out is the cause of the high house edge. The benefit of this method is that free odds don’t themselves have a house edge, so you may use them to support your put bets.

However, there are some circumstances in which the house edge can considerably decrease. The house edge will only be 1.52 if you choose the 5x odds on the 6 or 8. The house advantage for the 4x odds is 4% for the numbers 5 or 9 and 6.67% for the numbers 4 or 10. In general, the house edge will reduce the more bets you place.

7.  Hedge wagers

After an established point, if the next rollout is 7, the most usually rolled number, you lose while betting on the pass and come. Players can utilize the hedge craps betting technique to recover their losses when this crack occurs.

Hedge betting on any 7 and placing a bet on a spot simultaneously is one technique to achieve it. For instance, you might place a $6 wager on the number 8 and a $2 hedge on the number 7. If the following number is 8, you win $5 overall while losing $2 on the hedge.

8.  Set bets

Lay bets let players who don’t want to win pick the numbers they wish to wager against. Infrequently rolled numbers are 4 and 10. If the shooter rolls a 7 before any of these numbers and you choose to lay one of them, you win. However, you lose if any of your bet numbers appear before the 7.

Because 7 is the most often rolled number, the house will want a 5% commission when you place a wager on it. The house levies a fee by the rest of the lay bets, which is how it maintains its advantage.


At craps, the pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come strategies have the best chance of success. The probability is that since 7 is the number that is most frequently rolled in craps, you are most likely to win this wager. The pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come craps strategies are excellent for novices since, especially if you’re just getting started, you’d like the chances to be in your favor. You can back up with free odds after each point you make to increase your payoff.