Adele’s New Boyfriend: Who Is He? Rich Paul, the High-Profile Sports Agent: Everything You Need to Know

Ruby McKenzie
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Adele’s career is on the rise! The 33-year-old singer-songwriter is getting ready to launch her next album, and she recently made her new romance public on Instagram.

Adele formerly married CEO Simon Konecki, with whom she had a son named Angelo. Adele filed for divorce in 2019 after they had been married for seven years. According to Page Six, the two eventually reached an agreement in March 2021.

Since then, the “Hello” singer has been the subject of a few love rumors (including a rumored relationship with British rapper Skepta), but she has maintained her single status on Instagram.

She’s now moving into the limelight with her new partner, Rich Paul, a high-profile sports agent, who is 39 years old. Here’s all you need to know about Rich, including his ties to the stars:

Rich Paul represents NBA players as a sports agent.

According to People, Rich created Klutch Sports Group, a sports agency that handles professional basketball players. LeBron James, Trae Young, and Ben Simmons are among his customers. He’s recognized for being very talented at what he does—and for sticking to it. According to a recent New Yorker piece, Rich has done almost $2 billion in acquisitions since launching his firm in 2012.

Rich is “extremely relentless in getting his players what they want, and he will utilize any method available to him to achieve it,” according to one NBA general manager. Rich is also recognized for his dedication to “player empowerment,” which entails assisting NBA players in developing fan networks that support them not only their clubs.

He’s originally from Cleveland, Ohio.

Rich was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised there. Growing up, he “certainly wanted to be an athlete,” according to the New Yorker, but he eventually recognized that due to his height, that route wasn’t for him. “Your heart is enormous, but I’m little,” he explained.

Rich began his collegiate career at the University of Akron before moving to Cleveland State after his father was stricken with intestinal cancer. After his father died, he stopped out.

Rich’s father “was always reminding me how essential my education was,” he told the New Yorker. “I had always desired to work. But if my father was still living, I’m sure I’d have finished school. I never wanted to disappoint my dad. ” Instead, Rich chose to follow in his father’s footsteps as “an entrepreneur and businessman.”

Rich and LeBron James have been pals for almost two decades.

According to the New Yorker, Rich and LeBron initially met at an airport in 2002. They immediately became friends after discovering a common interest in vintage sports shirts. They remained friends, and Rich began working with LeBron immediately after he was chosen for the NBA.

“I simply felt like Rich was someone I wanted to grow with,” LeBron said in 2012 to ESPN Magazine. “He’d always been honest with me, and I wanted him to be a part of my team.” They now hang out almost everywhere together, from basketball fields to red carpets.

Rich and Adele have been seeing one other for a short period of time already.

According to the New Yorker, Rich and Adele have been dating since May of 2021. Adele raved about her new beau in recent interviews with Vogue and British Vogue.

Her jaw dropped when she heard the news that Rich had unexpectedly arrived. “I’m not stressed or worried about anything. The exact reverse is true. It’s completely out of control.” According to Adele, the two first met at a party when she asked him out on a date (while wearing a dress) “”Do you want to sign me?” I said, “a little tipsy.”Now I’m a competitive athlete.”

Before going on a date, the two were just pals. The singer revealed that she was confident she’d click with Rich as a result of “Nobody wants a date with someone who isn’t sure of themselves. I am clear about my goals, “she went on to say. In addition, “And I’m quite certain of what I don’t desire.”

It was during an NBA game in July when the two first appeared in public together. “I didn’t intend for this to be made public. The game was all I wanted to do, so I went “Adele went on to explain. “Being in his presence is a joy for me. It’s wonderful, and I’m glad you like it, too.”

And, based on her account, everything is going swimmingly. She described him as “just so f—ing funny.” “He was getting down on the floor and having a good time. The rest of the group was doing nothing except lounging about. He was only twirling about in his chair.”

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