All you need to know about big diamond engagement rings

Undoubtedly, the engagement ring is the main element of the wedding ceremony. And the reason is not only that, by putting it on, the girl acquires the status of “wife,” but also because she will have to wear it all her life.

Each engagement ring is beautiful in its own way. But all its charm melts before our eyes when the product is not matched to size or its original design creates daily discomfort.

Often emotions take over, and the newlyweds impulsively make a purchase without thinking about how the product will look in 10-15 years. However, the choice of an engagement ring does not tolerate hasty, thoughtless decisions. The concepts of beauty + convenience are of key importance here. How to guess this? The task is not easy! This is what our new article is dedicated to – How to choose big diamond engagement rings?

How to meet the wedding budget?

After all the confessions have been made, and the wedding date has been set, the second equally important stage begins – the calculation of the wedding budget. If financial resources are limited, you can focus on creativity. Today, stylish design is valued no less than diamonds!

If the budget allows you to buy a diamond engagement ring, then boldly follow this decision. You can choose a 5 carat diamond ring or 4 carat diamond ring. Over the years, a ring with one stone can be supplemented with more diamonds in honor of some important event (for example, the birth of a child). In this case, the product will become a real family heirloom for you.

A budget alternative to a diamond is high-quality cubic zirconia. In terms of external qualities, it is just as transparent, bright and shiny.

In addition to diamonds, rings are also decorated with sapphires, rubies, and emeralds – it looks luxurious, not stereotyped, but not intended for daily wear.

How to choose the right ring size?

The big diamond engagement ring should be comfortable – without it, in any way. After all, you have to wear it every day. In addition, the masters advise leaving a couple of millimeters in reserve since, with age, the fingers become fatter, and in the elderly, salts form on the bones.

It is always easier to make a ring smaller than to enlarge, especially if the product is inlaid or has a complex design.

Weight changes, daily activity, and the same puffiness by the end of the day can play a trick on you: the ring will press or not fit on your finger.

Three helpful tips from us:

  • Wide models sit tighter, so buy a ring 0.5-1 mm larger.
  • Take measurements in the middle of the day and at room temperature.
  • After putting on the ring, clench your hand into a fist and straighten your fingers. After that, try to open the bag/wallet. So you will feel how comfortable the ring sits on your finger.

Engagement ring design: with and without stones

Although the classic remains a win-win option, more and more newlyweds are opting for a non-standard design. Stereotypes fade into the background, and the traditional smooth ring gives way to products with an original pattern and bright inlay.

A modern engagement ring is a mix of classic and extravagant modern. The ring can combine different stones, colors and textures. Such inlay options are popular in design: over the entire surface, in symmetrical rows, including along the side face of the ring. In yellow/red gold, you can see all kinds of gems (sapphires, topazes, emeralds, cubic zirconia) and even materials such as enamel and Murano glass.

In addition to stones, the product’s texture is emphasized. Along with the classic smoothness, more daring variations with the texture of the metal are possible – carving, matting, graininess.

How to take care of engagement rings?

In order for the engagement ring to retain its original appearance for as long as possible, it must be properly cared for. Gold is more resistant to wear, but this does not eliminate the need for periodic cleaning.

Smooth rings are easy to clean at home:

  • Wash the product with a soft toothbrush in 200 ml of soapy water, adding 6 drops of ammonia to it;
  • If the darkening of the metal has occurred due to constant contact with moisture, carefully rub the ring with a piece of suede or velvet;
  • Silver rings are best cleaned with liquid soap and soda solution (10 g of soda + 1/4 tbsp of boiled water);
  • Engagement rings with stones do not tolerate a sharp change in temperature, as well as high humidity. Do not leave products for a long time in a bath or in other damp areas.


So what are the signs when choosing engagement rings to make the marriage happy? There are many of them, but here are the main ones that everyone who decides to enter into family life should know.

  • The folk custom of exchanging jewelry at a wedding ceremony has come to us since the 9th century and since then has firmly entered the ritual of such an event as a wedding.
  • It is believed that letting someone you know to try on your engagement ring is a bad sign. Do not do this before marriage or after.
  • Also, it will not be a very good sign if you accidentally drop it before the wedding – this is separation. In this case, the person who will be a witness at your wedding should thread a thread through it. It will take away all the negativity. After that, the thread must be burned.
  • Someone’s found ring is considered a good sign. It marks such an early wedding or marriage. However, you shouldn’t wear it. Better to sell or meltdown.
  • If your parents gave you their rings, and at the same time they lived happily in their marriage for more than 25 years, they bring only happiness, love and mutual understanding to the house of the newlyweds.