How Big Is 5 Carat Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

A 5-carat diamond ring commands attention and brilliance owing to the shine that the privileged size proffers. The marvelous advancement of science has proved that lab-grown diamonds can deliver the same level of excellence and performance as their natural counterparts.

Given their size and weight, a 5-carat diamond is effortless to feel on the finger. Are you looking for unique engagement rings to propose to the love of your life? Let’s delve deeper into the world of synthetic diamonds to know more about these rare beauties.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

The diamonds grown in laboratories also referred to as artificial or synthetic diamonds are man-made structures that replicate natural diamonds. As they consist of the exact carbon atomic structure of the natural diamonds, these lab-grown counterparts showcase the same chemical as well as optical traits of a natural diamond created by the geological processes of nature.

Natural diamonds grow through intense pressure and heat which transforms carbon atoms into fabulous and brilliant gemstones over the span of millions of years. Man-made diamonds start building with the miniature piece of diamond, referred to as a diamond seed. This seed is kept within a specialized chamber designed to create conditions similar to the earth’s mantle.

The seed gets coated with pure carbon and gradually transforms into a synthetic diamond which is chemically similar to a natural diamond. Even a professional geologist cannot tell the difference between real and synthetic diamonds by looking at them. The only way to discern the difference between them is to get a grading report.

Why lab-grown diamonds are better? 

Gone are the days when only natural diamonds seized the spotlight. There are several reasons why lab grown diamonds are better and considered for making unique engagement rings. Here are some obvious reasons why lab-grown diamonds have outsmarted their natural opponents.

Improved quality

It is quite surprising that lab-grown diamonds are purer compared to natural diamonds. This is because contrary to mined gems, synthetic versions don’t contain any impurities in them. Moreover, the chances of defects are also very less. These diamonds show lesser instances of imperfections or signs of strain in the crystal structure. This is because the diamonds are crafted in carefully controlled conditions. With improved purity, these diamonds are larger and much brighter.

Guaranteed origin

Most people who love diamonds are aware of the journey that these rare gems have to go through from their origin to acquisition. On the other hand, the origin of naturally-crafted diamonds is vague since they can be sourced from any part of the world. Another critical factor is that natural diamonds are also called blood diamonds because they are imbued with a history of violation of human rights, child labor, and unhygienic working conditions. But lab-grown diamonds come with a clean history and are derived from a source that can be easily tracked.

Wide array of colors

When naturally colored diamonds are available at a high price owing to their rarity value, technology allows building lab-grown colored diamonds at the fraction of the cost. Further, these synthetic diamonds have enhanced perfection than natural stones, are pure and are much easier to find.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

In the course of time, diamond mining can bring about damage to the earth’s core. Also, mining natural diamonds require a massive amount of fossil fuel which is not the case with artificial diamonds. With the demand for natural diamonds rising constantly, the reserve for these rare gems has come down to a great extent. In such a scenario, synthetic diamonds can be the best way to bridge the gap between the demand and supply curve.

How to find good lab-created diamond deals from 

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The business is completely aligned with the users. The site comes with a search engine that involves uncountable diamonds from trustworthy retailers. And the uniqueness of the platform is that all of these are competing against one another to be spotted by the users looking for 5-carat diamond engagement rings. As a result, the prices are quite competitive and the users can snag better deals compared to the other sites out there.

How much does 5 carat diamond ring cost?

When a shopper knows what to look for when shopping for diamond rings, it’s obvious that the concern now shifts to the part that would hurt your pocket a bit. Generally, a 5 carat diamond ring price can range between 100 – 250k USD or even more depending on the cut, color, clarity, and retailer selling the synthetic diamonds.

One of the major factors that determine the 5 carat diamond ring price is their big size and visually clean structure. Though they are manufactured in labs, these traits may not be found easily. This means, the bigger and the cleaner the diamonds are, the higher the price is likely to shoot up.

For people who are not inclined to research a lot online, these figures are likely to send them into a tizzy! But for those who are really picky about the choices of their synthetic diamond rings while saving some cash, going for a cleaner low-clarity diamond can be equally great. After all, is there really any need to settle for flawless diamonds? All diamonds, whether natural or synthetic, are flawless and the imperfections only add to their uniqueness.

Final thoughts
A typical round-shaped 5-carat diamond ring is going to feel huge on the finger. But the shape of the diamond also has an impact on its size. Some shapes like round, marquise, pear, and oval are likely to appear larger while heart, cushion, and princess will have smaller face-up areas. Also, carat weight is a critical segment in this regard. It’s sure to turn heads and people will be easily attracted to the sheer effulgence of the substance.