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Being the daughter of a very successful actor who has been on screen for many years, Birgen Anika Hartman is a proud business woman now in the real estate industry which is surprisingly different from her father’s carrier which clearly indicates that after enjoying her father’s fame in the entertainment industry she then spotted her interest in other sector of business, could it be because she was not raised by her own parents? Well folks I have my popcorn in my hands now that can take me through the next 20 minutes, lets dig deeper into Birgen Anika Hartman’s life to see how well she has been doing.



Birgen Anika Hartman came into this world February 1992 in other words that is when she was born into this world as an American Nationality, she has the same birth year as Cardi B but 8 months older than Cardi B, her zodiac sign is Pisces since she belongs to the month of February.

At the age of 6 years which this innocent kid was supposed to enjoy parental care from her parent, death took Birgen’s parents away from her which made a lot of people, far or near very sad including myself. and in the minds of many people, what next? What’s does the future holds for Birgen Anika?

 Well do you remember the saying that goes like; “One door closes another open”? Fortunately, on the part of Birgen Anika and her elder brother their mother’s sister Katharine Wright, and her husband (Mike). was still alive to take up the mantle of parental care for these two innocent kids.

To be honest for those of us outside we only hope best of care were provided these two kids.

Relationship Status

As beautiful as Birgen Anika Hartman is, one thing for sure is that men wouldn’t have allowed her rest if she was not married. She is married to a handsome guy called Brandon which she has been dating since 2015 and finally got married to him around 2018 of course even though we were not there but we were able to see some photos of their marriage on Instagram well laugh as much as you want but it’s the truth right?

Well unless Birgen Anika and Brandon (Her husband) has no plan to have kids yet, it’s likely that in the next few years they could be having their first kid which by the way wouldn’t be a bad idea for a married couple.


Birgen Anika has a degree in Communications and Journalism from the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota). She is a lady who is doing great in one of the males dominated industry which is the real estate business making a lot of impact with her popularity, and certainly and smart as she could be she definitely has other businesses she is taking care of.  The real estate business could make Birgen Anika have a significant Net Worth since it is very profitable industry.

Beside the money she is making now her parent who had a good paying job also left behind a good amount of wealth which will definitely go to Birgen Anika and her brother to build their lives on.

Even though the very year she started her real estate business it is unclear to us how smoothly her business is moving but most people in her line of business mostly makes around $ 250,000 and above annually as their profit and we believe she is chopping same success or even better.

Body Type

Birgen Anika is blessed with height and her curvy body type will make you want to stare more even in picture. Her height should be 5 ft: 6 inches, she also has curly blonde hair type which extends beyond her shoulder level.


Birgen Anika’s Father’s name is Phil Hartman and Mother’s name is Brynn Hartman Her father was a Canadian–American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and graphic designer whilst Her mother was also a great actress. which I am tempted to believe they met each other in line of duty or work when they were trying to record a scene.

Birgen Anika’s aunties are as follows;

Martha Hartmann, Jane Hartmann, Katherine Omdahl, Mary Hartmann, Sara Hartmann, Nancy Hartman-McCoy.

Uncles; Paul Andrew Hartmann, & John Hartmann.

Forgive me if there are others, I am unable to mention, I will still come back to make the update if I realize there are more to be added.

My question for you, Leave the answer in the comment section below, do you think Birgen Anika might consider acting one day?

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