Charlotte Hopkins Bio, Age, Net Worth and New Uptades

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Charlotte Hopkins Bio, Age, Net Worth and New Uptades

Charlotte Hopkins is an American Family Attorney who has been awarded by the Denton county for being the best lawyer when it comes to family issues like divorce, custody, and many more. She came into limelight after she married a veteran football player, Terry Bradshaw. Read on to know her Age, Net Worth, Height and more.


Born on 19th April, 1962. in the United States of America, with a Zodiac sign of Aries, Charlotte Hopkins started with a humble beginning and focused on her education as if it was all that she needed in this world, She is one of the few female attorneys in Dallas Texas that have managed to make a name for themselves in this male-dominated field. The other thing that makes her stand out from other lawyers is her skills at negotiation and counseling people through difficult situations such as divorce or adoption. Charlotte’s law firm specializes in family law matters and handles cases involving adoptions, child custody disputes, parental rights termination proceedings (including paternity), prenuptial agreements (also known as pre-marital agreements), postnuptial agreements, and guardianship proceedings.


Deep in the heart of Texas, a young woman named Charlotte Hopkins was born. With her thick glasses and studious nature she sought knowledge at all costs. She always wanted to be different from the other girls on her block with their high-pitched giggles that reverberated through the narrow streets and bathed them in an unearthly glow. A girl who could make deep connections with others, both intellectually and emotionally; she had a thirst for education that couldn’t be quenched by any stop sign or red light. No matter where she went, nobody knew how to approach her because they were intimidated by her intelligence and wit. Hopkins is a success story, she attended Denton High School and studied at Texas Woman’s University for her higher education before attending Southern Methodist University to pursue law.

About Family of Charlotte Hopkins

The Hopkins family is a perfect example of what America looks like. Charlotte and Terry Bradshaw have been in the limelight for years, they go married around 1986 when the love was still green and joyful. They even had to deal with going through a divorce that many celebrities go through and finally got separated after living together as couples for about 15 years. She has two daughters namely; Rachel Bradshaw and Erin Bradshaw. For those who are looking for a truly Texan experience, then Erin Bradshaw is the daughter to look out for. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and managed to graduate from college with honors while still running one of the most competitive rodeo circuits around town! There’s no stopping this champion when it comes down to paint and quarter horses. Furthermore, Rachel came as an aspiring singer on Nashville which follows young musicians trying their best at chasing fame even if they have nothing else going on behind them but talent. But what really caught my attention was how she was able not only survive after losing her husband Rob Bironas.

What work does Charlotte Hopkins do?

Charlotte Hopkins can help with various legal matters such as Divorce. She is a talented lawyer who has been awarded by the Denton county for being the best in family issues like divorce, custody, and many more. She also likes to spend time with her husband Terry Bradshaw and their two children

What is the Net Worth Charlotte Hopkins?

Charlotte was a successful family attorney, she made her living by making sure families were happy and staying together. She had been doing it for long enough that she could afford to live lavishly. They say that money can’t buy happiness but Charlotte someone whose net worth is approximately $2.3 Million certainly wouldn’t know from experience.

What is the height of Charlotte Hopkins?

I am not sure why, but I have always been attracted to tall people. The first time I saw her she stands 5ft and 5inches tall with an average weight, but the beauty she has is undeniable. Her eyes are light blue and her hair is blonde- a rare combination of colors for most people in this day and age.


Date of Birth19th April, 1962.
OccupationLegal Consultant
Net worth$2.3 Million
Height5ft and 5inches
Facebook‘Charla Hopkins Bradshaw’


Her work has been recognized by the Denton county for being one of the best lawyers in family law. She used to be a wife to Terry Bradshaw, who happens to be footballer. Ms. Charlotte Hopkins has come into limelight because her marriage with Mr. Bradshaw was deemed as a very successful union between two people that led them both to success at what they do respectively, She is now married to Rick Hagen since 2012.

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