Common Eye Problems and What to Do About Them

Ruby McKenzie
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Eye problems are incredibly common; many people start to notice issues with their vision in childhood and puberty. To ensure that your eyes get the care and treatment that they require, especially as you get older, here are some of the most common eye problems that you should know about and what to do about them. This means that you will be able to take good care of your eyes for a long time to come.

1.   Vision Loss

Vision loss can be incredibly distressing and can occur for several reasons, including age-related macular degeneration, computer use, and UV rays. However, vision loss is not always serious and does not mean that it will continue to worsen or lead to blindness. Instead, you might simply need glasses to aid you. You might also have to make certain lifestyle changes, such as giving your eyes a rest and eating eye-friendly foods. If you hate wearing glasses, though, and are worried about their appearance, you should consider getting laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is increasingly common and can help to get your vision back to normal. If you believe that this long-term solution is right for you, you should look around for a LASIK eye surgery near Los Angeles, CA to investigate further.

2.   Dryness

Eye dryness is also common, especially as more and more people are now frequently using the computer to work and socialize with their friends. Eye dryness can also be caused by a lack of sleep and dehydration. Although this irritation is not often serious, it can cause your vision to blur, can be painful, and can leave your eyes vulnerable to scratches. To combat any dryness that you experience, you should consider investing in eye drops that you can use a couple of times a day, especially before screen work. These eye drops can lubricate the eyes and give you some relief from the dryness that you usually experience. They can also be placed in your eyes at night to give your eyes a chance to heal as you sleep.

3.   Styes

Styes can be uncomfortable as they swell, and you might even find that they are filled with pus. However, styes should go away on their own and are usually nothing to worry about, painful though they may be. You might be able to reduce your symptoms with a damp and warm flannel or sponge, although this is unlikely to make your stye go away.

4.   Eye Infections and Conjunctivitis

Eye infections can make your eyes red and tearful. You might get discharge and notice that your eyes are painful and irritated. If you have an eye infection, you should not wear contact lenses, and you should try and keep your eye as clean as possible. Sometimes, you might need eye drops for your infection, especially if it is prolonged. However, conjunctivitis and other eye infections are very contagious, so you should always wash your hands after touching your eye and avoid using the same towels as other people in your household until your eye is healed completely.

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