Build-to-rent – Flexible Living for Australian Mobile Professionals

Ruby McKenzie
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The world is changing, indeed, the universe is in a constant state of change and as we are moving into a new dimension of digital connectivity, a new type of rental has emerged to cater for the digital nomad, the 21st-century entrepreneur who is not tied to a geographical location.

No bond

Imagine not having to pay a bond when you move into a rented apartment! Every build-to-rent development offers totally flexible terms, so it doesn’t break the bank when you move in. If you would like to book a tour of a top-rated build-to-rent development in Melbourne, visit their website and one of the staff would be happy to show you around and discuss any aspect of tenancy. Every amenity you could possibly need is onsite and you will make many friends in such a lively community.

No decorating restrictions

There are no restrictions on how you like to decorate your living space; if you are an artist, why not paint a few murals on the walls? We all have unique tastes when it comes to decor and with zero restrictions, you can create your own special private space.


We all love our pets and treat them as part of the family; you’ll be glad to learn that there are no restrictions as far as pets are concerned. Pet parks ensure your furry friend has a great place to exercise and relax, plus you’ll get to meet lots of like-minded people. There is always a great positive energy when young professionals come together in a cool apartment complex; who needs the ‘old establishment’ mindset?

Living in the city

What could be better than a build-to-rent community in the centre of Melbourne? The development has a fitness room, hi-speed Internet, lovely gardens with pet parks and quiet corners where you can relax. To be literally minutes from the CBD is a game-changer, so when you do spend time at head office, you have the perfect accommodation just around the corner.

Shared workspaces

As you would expect at such a venue, there are numerous shared workplaces on site. You can work alone in your apartment using the hi-speed broadband, or you can join other entrepreneurs in the shared workspace areas. Here are the top digital nomad destinations in 2024.

Blending ownership with renting

In a nutshell, build-to-rent offers the flexibility of renting with the perks of ownership; you have total carte blanche when it comes to apartment decoration, while you are not tied to the living arrangements. If, for example, you wish to leave your apartment for a few months and travel to Southeast Asia, that’s fine. Your apartment is secure and there are no utilities to pay when you are away, keeping costs to a minimum.

Take a tour of a built-to-rent complex

Once you find their website, you can read about community life, then book a tour of the complex to experience the vibrant ambience. Community living ticks all the boxes for the young digital entrepreneur, as it comes with total freedom and flexibility; you have all the rights of an owner and renting is flexible and can be terminated in 30 days.

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