The Duty Of Today’s Architects To Preserve The Heritage Of The Past

One can define heritage as a treasure from a past age that is bequeathed to a new generation. The way people lived in the past, their daily practices, and the architectural styles that surrounded them are something that should be studied and preserved because of the knowledge and intrinsic artistic value that they hold. Even though technologies and lifestyles change over time, preserving a living record of them is a gift to the future.

One of the best ways to keep these windows into the past open for new generations to view, enjoy, and be educated by, is to do everything within our power to protect our architectural heritage while still creating viable living spaces for the new generations. Groups like BY Projects Architecture are dedicated to maintaining the glories of the past while maintaining, and in some cases even upgrading the wonder and beauty of past architecture, keeping it true to its original form yet relevant to today’s world.

The process of preserving heritage architecture is like watering a root from the past that has grown into a wonderful tree in the present day that bears fresh new fruit in these latter seasons. The pursuit of this vital social and cultural connection is a grave responsibility for today’s architects, who must use modern technology and advanced resources at their disposal to keep the architecture of past ages alive and thriving today.

The 21st century continues to amaze us with its non-stop technological advancements, but when the winds of change blow too fiercely, and we find ourselves demolishing the landmarks and architectural glories of the past in favour of steel and glass monoliths celebrating our newfound fascination with modern ideals of sterility and illusory convenience, we lose something that is incredibly valuable, something priceless that in most cases can never be recovered. We suffer a terrible loss whenever a structure is erected that supplants an existing heritage edifice, making it a dire hope that all of today’s working architects show an interest in preserving that august glory, and work within a framework that is constructive rather than destructive of all that is old and beautiful in its venerability.

By fostering an appreciation of our architectural heritage and its subtle charms in new generations we do them a great service, they will know from whence they came and use that deep and profound knowledge of past marvels to guide them to a future that draws upon their wisdom and aesthetics to continue to create a world of beauty and delight, instead of soulless metal boxes that block out the sun. God save the Village Green!

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