Digital Solutions for Commercial Fleet Managers

Ruby McKenzie
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Transport managers have a stressful job trying to get the most out of the fleet and with driver allocation, route planning and vehicle maintenance, it can be a full-time job with no guarantees of maximum efficiency. We would like to present information about a new GPS tracking system that enables a manager to stay on top of fleet management.

GPS Tracking

You can track all of your mobile assets in real time with GPS technology; your fleet is a very valuable asset and you should know where each vehicle is at any given time. Once you fit GPS sensors to each vehicle and set up a secure cloud connection, you are ready to manage your fleet.

Vehicle dash cams

State of the art AI dash cam technology records everything that happens and in the event of a collision, you have the evidence that shows who was at fault. They even use crash detection technology that alerts the supervisor when a collision is detected.

Real time driver communication

VoIP technology empowers you in many ways; you can talk with any driver in real time, which is ideal when a delivery has to be amended or you want a driver to stop by and collect a priority package. No one can predict the future and the ability to communicate with drivers in real time is a game-changer, enabling you to create fixes on the fly.

Vehicle maintenance planning

Why not let AI software handle this? It can be a stressful experience to ensure that all commercial vehicles get serviced at the right times and with AI software, you get the most out of your fleet. This can be scheduled in advance, which saves time and money.

Nationwide coverage

The fleet management software system covers all of Australia; regardless of where your vehicles are, you can track them in real time. Not only can you track vehicles in real time, all stops are recorded, as is speed and route, enabling you to track and monitor driver behaviour. A lot of time can be wasted with bad driving habits and tracking reveals all! Click here for many reasons to learn online.

Be compliant

The Australian government have strict rules about driving and being compliant can drain your human resources; using a digital fleet management system makes compliance much easier to manage. There are heavy penalties when companies are not compliant, so you do need to make sure that your drivers do not exceed their allotted driving time.

If you would like to learn more about fleet management software, start by Googling ‘fleet management software, Australia’ and check out the list of websites. The provider would be happy to give you a free trial (there is no hardware involved) which allows you to see for yourself the amazing tools that include AI data analysis.

The system works on a secure 4G network with top-level cyber-security and with real time communication with all drivers, you are on top of things at all times.

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