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”I don’t trust easily, so when I tell you I trust you, don’t make me regret it”, are the immortal words of the fictional character, Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries series by L. J. Smith, the novel writer. In the television series, he is characterized by Ian Somerhalder.  In Mystic Falls, Damon is one of the two main protagonists in the story’s main setting. In the wake of turning into a vampire, Damon played vindictive when Katharine decided to be with his brother Stefan. Making a vow to turn his brother’s life into perennial hardship, he would come after his brother to watch him deal with his blood lust. In season 1 of the series, Damon was the principal antagonist but subsequently rescue himself from evil. Damon took Elena Gilbert to the alter whom he fell crazily in love with in the series finale, assisting his friend to safeguard Mystic Fall from supernatural danger.

Wikipedia Summary

Name: Damon Salvatore

Gender: Male

Portrayed By: Ian Somerhalder

Date of Birth: June 18th, 1839

Profession: Actor

Wife: Elena Gilbert

Children: Stefanie Salvatore, Jenna Salvatore, Grayson Salvatore and Sarah Lillian Salvatore

Early life

Damon’s father was a businessperson and a town council member, and his mother was known as Lillian. Damon was the senior brother to Stefan who was also birthed in 1846. The brothers had a misbegotten brother by their father who died of unidentified causes. In teaching Damon, Giuseppe abused Damon and he believed Damon purloined money from him but it was Lillian his wife who stole it, she intended to abandon the abusive husband and children, and her intentions flopped awfully. The mother of the two boys gave up the ghost because of tuberculosis in 1858. Stefan was made aware by Damon that he will write their mother’s eulogy but Damon never showed up at their mother’s funeral.

Damon’s father pressured him to join the Confederate Army, nonetheless, he loathed all the things the south believed in and on his own accord, jilted the army. In Mystic Falls, he was thought of as chicken-hearted by the people and also his father the Confederacy was on the verge of losing the war against the union. However, the brothers’ relationship turned to be sour when both battled for the love of Katherine Pierce when she came on the scene.

When Damon came to the knowledge of Katherine being a vampire in the 1860s, he was not scared of her and saw her descend on travellers, having a killing spree moment. Damon confided in Stefan, not to mention a word of it to their father since he was part of the town council and loathed vampires when they came to know about their living. 

Date of birth and age

June 18th, 1839 was when Damon Salvatore was born in the town called Mystic Falls, Virginia, Giuseppe making him 145 years before the series premiere.

Becoming a vampire

After Stefan exposed that Katherine was a vampire, the people of the town seized Katherine and decided to stash her in a tomb. The brothers decided to save their love, and their father shot them feeling disgraced by his sons for being in love with a vampire. Albeit being shot and murdered, Salvatore drank the blood of Katherine and turned into a vampire. Fell’s church was in flames when Damon woke up and Katherine was buried centuries ago.                                                                                                                                      

When Stefan rose, Damon told his brother that there is no essence for living again since the love of his life is long dead and buried. Stefan transformed into a vampire by taking in Giuseppe’s blood.

Transforming into a vampire, Damon informed Stefan that he would make his life a living hell owing to the reason that Katharine turned Stefan into a vampire accusing his brother of being the basis for Katherine being buried. Notwithstanding, Damon succeeded to rescue some vampires with the help of Emily Bennet who was Katherine’s servant. A daylight ring was handed to Damon by Emily that enabled him to walk in the sun and did not inform his brother about the tomb of vampires.

The brothers did not see each other for 45 years until the duo came back to Mystic Falls to pay their respect to their departed nephew. Sage was the vampire who trained Salvatore to find pleasure in feasting on human blood when they met and Damon had Stefan take in the blood of a woman. Stefan gashed the head of the woman when he strongly fed on her. After criticizing Stefan, Damon left for making him drink blood. 

In the 1940s in New Orleans, Damon turned a woman into a vampire but wished to split his connection with her when he realized that she was too obsessional and compulsive when he issued a command to her. When he was unable to split its aftermath the murder of 12 people, Damon issued a command to her to number every brick on her corner and he left. After reunifying with Stefan, he left New Orleans and made peace with his brother before he was sent to North Africa during World War II. The duo shortly conciliated and Damon pondered about going to the frontline with his brother, Stefan was counselled by Lexi Branson not to go so he continues with his rehabilitation from blood as Damon’s lifestyle was too irksome.

A vampire called Enzo and Damon were seized and tortured by Dr Whitmore in the 1950s, and Damon is wielded to maintain his humanity when he connected with his colleague vampire prisoner. Enzo came up with an escape strategy to break free.  Enzo’s blood supply was drunk by Damon so to allow him to go through the bars and murder everyone that was there. Damon was not able to save Enzo since the bars were immersed in vervain.  Damon put aside his humanity and killed the parents of Dr Whitmore. Damon made a decision not to kill Dr Whitmore but will be slaughtering his generations yet to come. In the middle of the 1990s, Damon came back to Mystic Falls, where he tried convincing his brother to go on a road trip with him but Stefan declined to the number of times Damon wrecked his life.

Damon commenced feasting on his nephew’s wife, Gail, Stefan broke his neck and pulled out his daylight ring and the Damon killed Gail, his nephew’s wife after he compiled Zach and Stefan to return his daylight ring. He called to the mind of his brother Stefan that he is indebted to him. Until 2007, Damon’s location was not known. He transformed the mother of Elena Gilbert, Isobel into a vampire. 


Silas was his paternal ancestor, (deceased) and Giuseppe Salvatore was his father, (deceased)                                                                                                                                   Lilian Salvatore his mother, (deceased). Stefan Salvatore happened to be his younger brother, (deceased) and he had an unnamed illegitimate brother (deceased) whose name has been withheld. Elena Gilbert was his wife, (deceased) and Caroline Forbes was his sister-in-law. Jeremy Gilbert was his brother-in-law. John Gilbert was Damon’s father-in-law, (deceased) and Isobel Flemming was his mother-in-law. His adoptive father-in-law, Grayson Gilbert (deceased) and Miranda Summers his adoptive mother-in-law (deceased).  Zachariah Salvatore was his half-nephew (deceased). Another half-nephew of Damon, Joseph Salvatore (deceased) and Zach Salvatore is also a half-nephew (deceased) and lastly the descendant of Damon, Tom Avery (deceased).


5 ft 9½ in or 177 cm


71 kg or 156.5 lbs


Damon was also skilled at swords, enabling him to face Julian on a fair footing for a long while before losing to an older and much more experienced vampire.  Damon possesses excellent survival skills, employing them in the woods when searching for the tomb of Silas, and when surviving against Malachi Parker in the 1994 prison world.