How To Sign Up For Telegram Without Phone Number

Telegram is the most technological instant messaging app right now. It offers a lot of various features that other similar services don’t have including the opportunity to sign in with multiple accounts at once and easily switch between them when needed. But when it comes to using this feature some people are getting stuck. This is because it is not possible to create more than one profile with the same phone number and there are no more numbers at their disposal except a personal one. Nowadays it is no longer a problem though. You can sign up for as many accounts on Telegram as needed using a tool called a fake phone number for verification.

Basics of a fake number

Many inexperienced users are misinformed about the purpose of this feature. According to them, a fake phone number is just a number that contains several random digits and is incapable of being used in any way including receiving SMS. In reality, though, it isn’t. Fake numbers are just one of a few types of virtual numbers. They are also used online and can get one-time passwords without any difficulties. However, they also provide consumers with the highest level of security and privacy in addition to the chance to sign up for online services. These numbers are actively used by people who respect their online privacy and, for various reasons, choose to remain anonymous on the web.

Use from any country in the world

Fake phone numbers can be bought online, as was already explained. They are accessible from anywhere in the world. You simply need an internet connection and a modern gadget, like a smartphone, laptop, or personal computer. Therefore, there is no longer a concern that you won’t be able to utilize common online services while traveling.

This functionality also offers a wonderful approach to get around limitations on using certain services where they are not supported or even blocked. For instance, anyone from Iran or India can sign up for Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat with the help of a fake number issued in the US. In addition, it is acceptable for a person from somewhere except Turkey to obtain a Turkish phone number and sign up for regional services like Yemeksepeti, Getir, or Hopi. This makes it a pretty versatile solution as well.

Signing up for Telegram with a fake phone number

One of the most well-known online sellers of fake numbers to sign up for Telegram is SMS-Man. It gives customers the chance to obtain both disposable and long-term numbers quickly and easily without requiring them to take any difficult steps. Anyone can use their service to get a fake phone number for receiving OTP from Telegram by following these steps:

1. Register a profile at

2. Refill the balance of the account with a practical payment method from those that are offered.

3. Locate the required country of a fake number on the platform’s home page.

4. Use the search feature on the tab located beneath the section with the countries to find the Telegram registration option.

5. Purchase a fake phone number by clicking the buy button.

The ordered fake number can be found in your user profile on the service as well as at the top of the home page. After completing the purchase, it can be used for the intended purpose without needing to be configured. Put it on the registration form when signing up for Telegram and request a verification code. Return to the SMS-Man website once the code was sent and click “Get SMS.” Use the revealed code to create an account.

Basically, with this method, it is possible to create unlimited accounts on Telegram. You just need to keep getting and activating new numbers again and again. There are no restrictions on how many fake phone numbers each user can enable so there won’t be any difficulties with this.