How to make sure that you’ll choose the right mushroom farm equipment?

There’s hardly room for error when choosing mushroom farm equipment, but, if someone is new to this industry, for example, it may be hard to avoid making mistakes. However, there’s a way to make sure that the selection will be optimal.

The buyer should look out for some crucial features of the most important equipment for mushroom growing farms, which we’ll describe in detail below.

Mushroom picking lorry

When talking about mushroom farm’s equipment, one can’t forget about mushroom picking lorries, which are essential to the modern, fast and efficient picking process. Technologically-advanced lorries used in profitable mushroom growing farms are highly automated machines, which make picking safer, less tiring and more efficient than ever before.

It’s best to choose a lorry which allows for automatic movement of the platform (both up and down and left and right). This way, the pickers won’t get tired due to having to manually turn a crank in order for the platform to move – all they need to do is press a button. The remote control is quick and reliable, as well as very easy for the workers to use.

Growing nets

Growing nets fulfill a very important role in every mushroom growing farm. They are used to put the substrate on the shelf of the shelving and to pull it out after it has been used up. It’s important that the nets won’t easily get holes in them or won’t start narrowing quickly, which could lead to the substrate falling off of them.

Good, high-quality growing nets are made from durable materials, which means that they can be used for many years without any problems with narrowing or holes appearing.

Lighting of mushrooms

Proper lighting is necessary both for optimal cultivation of the mushrooms and for the employees to be able to do their jobs. Just any random lighting won’t do, however. Mushroom growing farms are places known for the harsh conditions present in them, which can easily damage low-quality equipment unsuitable for such conditions, which include high humidity.

That’s why it’s important to choose lighting that meets the IP68 leakproofness condition, which means that it should be resistant to the aforementioned conditions. Such lamps will serve the farm for a long period of time without any issues.

Climate control

The optimal climate has to be maintained in the mushroom growing farm at all times in order for the mushrooms to grow optimally. Modern climate control systems ensure great conditions, as well as allow for non-stop monitoring of such aspects as temperature and humidity, thanks to which it’s easy to spot any irregularities and take the necessary steps.

Selecting the right mushroom farm equipment will ensure the business’s profitability, so it’s an important step in becoming a successful mushroom farm owner. The aforementioned features of good mushroom picking trolleys, growing nets, lighting and climate control are undoubtedly things to look out for when making a choice. Equipment that meets these criteria can be purchased from reliable producers, such as GROWTIME.