Kim Russo Biography, Net Worth, Wiki and New Updates

Kim Russo has lived a life worth telling. From the time she was born, through her childhood and into adulthood, there are many lessons to be learned about perseverance in this compelling biography of Kim’s story. I am privileged to look at their biographies and today I am going to share that with you. Read on to view more information of Kim Russo.

Biography of Kim Russo

Kim Russo is a medium who has been communicating with spirits for over two decades. She can fluently speak the language of the spirit world and help people confront their fears by embracing truths which bring light, love, and understanding to your life. Kim enjoys speaking at hundreds of engagements across country addressing audiences from all different ages religions beliefs; she likes sharing her messages in hopes that it will change you too.

Kim’s star continues to rise as she is recognized for her gift in a variety of platform appearances. She has been on the A&E hit series “Paranormal State” and “Psychic Kids,” Bio Channel’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories” and LMN’s “The Haunting Of….”

From a hard-working beginning Kim Russo has been able to gather a lot of success from what  she loves to do best. With perseverance and consistency she quickly notice that despite the difficulties a little more effort was what is needed. she also believes that not everyone is blessed to be famous hence if she has become this much famous, it is only an opportunity but not because she is better than anyone. Her fanbase has contributed greatly to her success by cheering her on, requesting more of everything she does. I must admit this in a way brings the best out of her.

What is the Net Worth of Kim Russo? 

One of the most important question fan base keeps asking about Kim Russo is, how much does she worth? This because necessary when their followers are trying to make a comparison with another celebrities. It is also sometimes about being able to place a certain value on the celebrity. 

We can estimate that she is worth between $1 million – $ 4 million this is largely because of the kind of job he does and the duration of time she has been doing it. 

How old is Kim Russo? 

We don’t have her date of birth yet, we will update you as soon as we have it available.

Height and Weight 

For someone who is an adult even though we don’t have the exact height but we can confirm she has a moderate height and her weight is moderate 

Social Life 

She for someone of her caliber it is only natural that she makes her presence on the internet active so that she can communicate with her fan base.  


We don’t have any more details about her relationship but we will dig deeper if find anything we will update this page for you. 


Kim Russo may be able to help you communicate with the spirit world and find closure. She has been a medium for over two decades, helping people confront their fears by embracing truths which bring light, love and understanding into their lives. Her blog offers tips on how to connect with your spirits as well as tools of healing that are safe and effective. If you would like some guidance in this area or have any questions about her services comment below and certainly she will be reading.

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