Lace Front Wig Vs. Closure Wig: Which Is Better?

Human hair wigs are one of the most important accessories for women. They don’t just help you find your perfect look but also add beauty to your appearance. When choosing human hair wigs, most women narrow their options to lace front wigs and closure wigs. Both are trendy, look amazing, and let you slay with confidence. If you are looking to invest in a wig but don’t know which to choose, this blog post helps you identify their differences and discover the best option.

1. Lace front wig

A lace front wig refers to a hairpiece that covers the entire front area of your head from one ear to the other. It is designed to help you achieve a more natural look by resting along your forehead and can extend anywhere from 4 to 6 inches back towards your crown.


  • Comfortable: One of the biggest attractions of a lace front wig is that it is very comfortable and simple to wear. It lets your scalp breathe, causing little or no damage to your scalp’s health.
  • Versatility: A lace front wig allows you to explore different hairstyles, so you don’t feel restricted. You can style your hair, from ponytails to braids to middle and even side parts. It is almost like styling your natural hair!
  • Easy to install: Lace front wigs are easier to install. The process is straightforward, and you can set the wig within an hour. This means you don’t have to put in much effort to achieve your dream look.


  • Damages hairline: Excessive usage of lace front wigs can significantly damage your scalp and hairline. The reason is that the tape and glue used during installation might cause irritation and break or damage the margins of your hair.
  • Expensive: Lace front wigs are typically expensive compared to other types because they are durable and allow you to wear them in different styles.

2. Closure wig

Closure wigs are similar to lace front wigs but provide less styling opportunities. This isn’t necessarily bad, especially if you want to stick to one or two looks.


  • Quick maintenance: Closure wigs are easy to manage in that you don’t have to do a lot to care for and maintain them. All you have to do is fix it at the top of your hair and then take it off at the end of the day.
  • Lasts longer: Closure wigs last longer than lace front wigs, especially if properly maintained. It is durable because it does not involve the usage of glue.
  • Affordable: Closure wigs are cheaper than other types of human hair wigs because they are easy to maintain and realistic.


  • Limited hairstyles: Closure wigs are not versatile, so there is a limit to how many styles you can try. It is not ideal for women who love exploring different hairstyles.
  • Fitting issues: Lace front wigs tend to fit in snugly, but the same isn’t the case with closure wigs. Unless you know your head size or accurately measure it, there is a good chance it won’t fit perfectly.


Both hd lace front wig and closure wig have unique attractions and drawbacks, so deciding which is better can be hard. If you are someone who invests a lot of effort into your hair care routine and appreciates variety, a lace front wig is the best choice for you. However, a closure wig is your best bet if you want a simple human hair wig solution that looks effortless and won’t take your time.