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With an endowment of about 7-9 inches, Laz Fyre is one of the sought-after male stars in the X-rated industry. House of fyre is an adult channel created by Laz, and it has successfully featured top stars like Mallory Sierra, Kenzie Madison, Indica Flower, Mandy Muse, Valentina Jewels, Alexis Fawx, and many more. Even though he has a strong relationship with Lady Fyre, he is at liberty to record sexual videos with other ladies, just like business as usual.

Biography Summary of Laz Fyre

Full NameLaz Fyre
Date of Birth21st August, 1975.
Place of BirthLas Vegas, United States of American.
Hair ColorBrunette
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth$1 million (Estimated)
Age48 years in 2023
Zodiac SignLeo
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight145 lbs (66 kg)
PH video views477 million
WifeLady Fyre
Summary of Laz Fyre Biography

Photos of Laz Fire

Laz Fyre Facial

How old is Laz Fyre? 

Laz Fyre was born on August 21st, 1975, is currently 48 years old. As a Leo, his zodiac sign is associated with traits such as confidence, creativity, and natural leadership abilities. Each year, on August 21st, Laz Fyre celebrates his birthday, marking another year of life, experiences, and accomplishments.

Laz Fyre Endowment Size?

He is kind of endowed, and his endowment size is 7-9″


When Laz Fyre is not busy with his career in creating x-rated contents, he enjoys indulging in a variety of hobbies that bring him joy and relaxation. One of his favorite hobbies is hiking. There’s something about being in nature, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, that allows Laz Fyre to unwind and connect with his surroundings. Whether it’s exploring scenic trails or challenging himself with more strenuous hikes, Laz Fyre finds solace and rejuvenation in the great outdoors.

Another hobby that Laz Fyre has a passion for is painting. Engaging in creative activities like painting allows him to express himself and tap into his artistic side. Whether it’s using brushes and canvas or experimenting with different mediums, Laz Fyre finds satisfaction in creating something beautiful and thought-provoking.

Laz Fyre also enjoys the art of massage. Understanding the importance of relaxation and self-care, he has taken an interest in the techniques and benefits of massage therapy. Whether it’s receiving a professional massage or learning and practicing techniques on his own, Laz Fyre appreciates the rejuvenating effects that a good massage can have on the mind and body.

Social Life 


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Laz Fyre is only attracted to ladies and all of his videos are done by featuring youngers and MILFs.

Frequently Questions Asked about Laz Fyre

What is the Net Worth of Laz Fyre?

Laz Fyre’s work can be found on various popular adult platforms, including Pornhub and Xhamster. These platforms are known for their extensive collections of adult content, and Laz Fyre’s videos have attracted a substantial following. Additionally, Laz Fyre is associated with, a website that features a range of adult content and has contributed to his popularity and recognition within the industry.
Through his endeavors in the adult industry, Laz Fyre has managed to accumulate a substantial net worth. While the exact figure may vary, His net worth estimated to be around $1,000,000. This achievement is a testament to Laz Fyre’s hard work, talent, and ability to connect with audiences.

What is the Height and Weight of Laz Fyre?

He has a height of 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) and his weight is 145 lbs (66 kg).

Where was Laz Fyre born?

He was born in United States of America

Is Laz Fyre Dating?

His relationship status is “Taken” that means he is in a relationship.

What is Laz Fyre’s Wife, Girlfriend or Fiancé name?

His girl friend or wife’s name is Lady Fyre.

What is Laz Fyre’s Real name?

We don’t know his real name yet so we assume his real name is Laz Fyre.

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