Playing Casino Games in Apps or Online Browser, Which One is Better?

Gambling is an activity that has survived for millennia and still enjoys a significant following. The only thing more interesting than stories people share on their nights out gambling is its evolution. It first moved from the streets into gambling halls we now refer to as casinos. Then it moved from physical brick-and-mortar establishments into the new-age online space where players could access the games from anywhere via an internet browser.

Today the trend is shifting with the current surge of casino apps or websites like 888casino. However, online browser gaming is still prevalent, even though it offers a different experience from playing on an app. Which begs the question, which one is better? This piece will examine the two and try to answer this question definitively.

Playing Casino Games on an App

“APP” is an abbreviation of Software Application or just Application. It’s a computer software program inaccessible via the internet, which you must download on your device to use. You can find this apps in the AppStore or different suppliers.  Furthermore, most applications can still run offline and allow you to receive push notifications from the app developer if you have permission turned on.

Apps rose in popularity when mobile use erupted, their technology improved, and users demanded better online browsing experiences. The first patch was making responsive websites that automatically scaled themselves to the screen size of the viewing device. However, even though the experience was better, it was still clunky and didn’t always work well. And that’s when developers came up with applications made to work on said devices.

Since then, many businesses have developed their own apps to make it easier for their customers to access their products and services, such as casinos for their casino games.

In addition, most apps are mobile-based and designed for smartphone and tablet use, even though there are desktop versions.

And just like any other technology, they have pros and cons, which we’ll highlight below.


1.    Convenience

Mobile casino apps allow you to access your favourite casino games while on the move. And even though you can still access games on casino websites through your mobile’s browser, apps have the added benefit of allowing users access to some aspects while offline. Sometimes you can even get a promotion for downloading the app or temporary promotions just like the ones Amazon offers.

Furthermore, most people today prefer to play games and do most of their other online activities on their phones, and mobile casino apps allow them to do that.

2.    Mobility

Mobile apps allow you to move around while playing online casino games, unlike desktop versions, where you’re stuck at your desk. And while a laptop is still portable, it does not offer the same experience as playing on an app on your mobile device. In addition, if you’re out in public, you don’t want to look too conspicuous; playing on a mobile app will help you blend in.

3.    Better User Experience and User Interfaces

Can you remember when mobile screens cellphones were not touchscreens, or even worse, when a mouse was the only way you could play a game? Fortunately, technology has improved, and today, you have devices with easy-to-use touchscreens with superb interfaces, even companies like Nokia have innovated. You can download a mobile app and intuitively start to play without much hassle.


1.    Small screens

Even though an app’s user interface is designed to fit a device’s screen size, mobile phones are still small and if you as much have an eyesight issue. They will be hard to see out of.

Playing Casino Games on a Browser

A web browser is a computer program that allows you to go anywhere on the internet. It lets you see texts, images, videos and even listen to audio files saved on the web from any part of the world. Well, not really, but that’s a fight for another day. Nonetheless, a web browser is your gateway to the internet. It retrieves information from different parts of the internet and displays it on your screen via Hypertext Transfer Protocols and rendering engines.

However, unlike apps, browsers need an internet connection to function and can require more bandwidth to operate correctly. Below we’ll highlight some of the pros and cons of playing casino games on a browser.


1.    No downloads required

When playing casino games on your device’s browser, you don’t need to download or install the game’s application. You can instead search for the game, play and exit directly from the browser, limiting the information you have to give out in some instances where you can play without registering first.

2.    Quality Games

Casino websites are the equivalent of casino locations in reality. As such, they host the best quality games to keep up with the casino’s image. Furthermore, games on mobile apps need to load fast, which can cause the designers to compromise on their quality to achieve this. On the other hand, players accessing games on browsers don’t have this issue and can enjoy games at their highest quality.


1.    Cookies and Spam

Many browser extension use cookies to learn more about their users and even use the information they gather to send them marketing messages such as email marketing. This can be annoying, especially when casinos don’t provide an opt-out option.

2.    Security

Playing on a browser is equivalent to playing on a bench out in the streets where there are few or no police, and anyone can see you, walk up to you, and jack you. While playing on an app is like playing inside a casino. Technically someone can still follow you inside the casino to monitor your actions, but they would need a certain level of skills to jack you and evade casino security.


The truth is that gambling is bigger than ever, and the internet has played a significant role in its growth. Furthermore, as technology advances, how people use and access the internet is changing, and there is no denying that mobile is killing it. We also have to say even though some mobile app games suffer a bit of quality loss to improve their user experience; there is no comparing them to browser games because they’re simply ahead of the curve.