Rebel Wilson Shares Red Swimsuit Pic to Celebrate More Than 60-pound Weight Loss

If you’ve been keeping up with Rebel Wilson over the past two years, you’re likely aware of her total body transformation. The actress has been sharing glam pictures and progress updates on her Instagram ever since her weight loss journey began in early 2020.

On Monday, she posted a photo of herself in a slick red bathing suit, accompanied by a motivational message.

“It’s never too late to improve yourself – to improve your health, your heart, your happiness, your harmony. For everyone out there just trying to be a lil bit better this week: go for it! Every bit counts. Every effort is worth it. You’re worth it,” Wilson wrote.

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In the photo, Wilson stands on a tree trunk in the ocean, while lifting one hand in the air. She sports a red, long-sleeved one-piece swimsuit that features a plunging neckline. The IG post has received over 547,000 likes and more than 2,500 comments so far, many of which include words of affirmation from fans.

By December 2020, the Pitch Perfect star had lost more than 60 pounds, which was a product of her “year of health.” In a recent IG Live with Hello!, the 41-year-old admitted that while she tries to not keep track of her how much weight she’s lost, she believes she’s likely lost between 70 and 75 pounds since her weight loss efforts began.

“I try not to keep track of it too much, but it’s like 70 pounds, 75 pounds, maybe a bit more. Which in kilos, my international audience, is like 30, 35 kilos, close to that, and so far have not gained any of it back, which is pretty cool, because never in my life have I been able to do that,” she said.

Wilson continues to sprinkle in motivational weight loss posts onto her IG page, so if that’s encouraging for you to see, be on the lookout for more! In the interim, check out The One Weight Loss Food to Eat to Always Feel Full, Says Dietitian.

Source: Eatthis