Top 3 online casino promotions you should look out for

Online casino gaming is one of the world’s favourite pastimes, and with many sites providing hundreds of games to choose from, it’s no wonder there’s a battle to be the best. To do this, most casino sites offer a variety of bonuses and promotions for new and old customers. So, to help you find the best promotion for you, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 offers you should look out for.

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No Deposit Bonuses

Arguably the best casino bonus for new customers, a no deposit bonus gives you the opportunity to try out the games featured at an online casino without initially wagering any money. Where a welcome bonus provides you with a percentage of your initial deposit as a thank you for becoming a new customer at that particular site, a no deposit bonus doesn’t require you to even enter any payment information.

There may be some restrictions on this bonus, for example, you might only be able to use it on certain slot machines. There may also be a maximum that you can cash out if you win, but ultimately, a no deposit bonus is a great way for new customers to dip their toes into the online casino that offers it.

Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is similar to a welcome bonus in the way that it can entice players to sign up to the online casino site by multiplying their initial deposit. You could find that you’ll receive two, three, four or even five times the amount you deposited. As always, it’s important to check the requirements as you might find in some cases that deposit bonuses up to 100% can only be used on table games, and bonuses of 200% or more can only be used on slot games.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are perhaps the best type of bonuses for existing players at that online casino. These types of bonuses will be granted to you when you reach certain milestones whilst playing your favourite games within that casino. Whilst some casinos offer these bonuses on their anniversary, your birthday, or other special occasions, you could also run into a loyalty bonus by making a certain number of bets, for example.

Loyalty bonuses can come in many different shapes and sizes and are usually determined by the player’s actions. You might find free spins, a deposit bonus or even missions and challenges set out by the casino that can reward you with bonus coins, tokens and so much more. In addition to this, these bonuses can come in the form of loyalty points which can be converted into wagering credits, or even level-up systems, where you’ll get a bonus from levelling up in the casino.

So, with all this in mind, are you ready to raid the casino sites for their best promotional offers? You might find one that takes your fancy that isn’t on our list or one that aids a specific game you enjoy from time to time, like Bingo. You never know what you could find, but there are so many ways to potentially enhance your gameplay that it sure is worth a look!

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