Tucker Carlson: Before the midterm elections, my “hatred” of liberals “clouded my judgment.”

Ruby McKenzie
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in an interview released Monday that his “hatred” of liberals led to his inaccurate predictions of a red wave in November’s midterm elections.

“That loathing clouded my judgment,” Carlson told Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, in an interview released on Monday. “I was like, ‘I dislike these people so much. What they’re doing is so wrong. It is helping so few people and hurting so many. It’s so immoral on every level that I just want it to be repudiated.’”

“And I wanted that so much, not because I like the Republicans — I really dislike them more than I ever have — but I dislike the other side more,” he added, saying, “I did learn that, like, I have no freaking idea what goes on in American politics.”

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Carlson was one of several pundits and politicians who predicted sweeping GOP victories in the midterms that never materialized. While Republicans managed to secure a slim majority in the House, the GOP lost ground in the Senate with Democrat John Fetterman’s win in Pennsylvania.

The Fox News host acknowledged his flawed predictions at a Turning Point event last month, saying he’s “never gotten anything wronger in my life.”

However, Carlson told Kirk in the mid-December interview released this week that he thinks Republicans will eventually find a silver lining in their disappointing performance.

“I look at 2016 in the opposite way,” he added. “We thought this was the ultimate triumph. We really did. And I was thrilled by it … and then I spent, you know, four years feeling like really disappointed and sad.”

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