Which Country Has Best Hair Transplant?

Since hair transplantation is an important procedure that will affect your life, it is very important to do a detailed research. When it comes to hair transplantation, many countries and clinics come to mind. While doing research, you may feel lost among dozens of countries and hundreds of clinics and have difficulty making a decision.

Among these countries; A country that can offer surgery quality, professional surgeons, experience and most importantly, hair transplantation at a much cheaper price than other countries, depending on the exchange rate, comes to the fore; Turkey.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Depending on the exchange rate in Turkey, hair transplant surgery is much cheaper than in other countries. While hair transplantation is done with a price of around $12000 in the USA, it is £8000 in England. Even in the European countries Poland and Hungary, which have the prices closest to those in Turkey, the prices are around €3500. In Turkey, this price is around 2500 dollars.

Even when we look at graft-based pricing, the cheapest countries are Mexico, India, Hungary and Thailand, respectively. However, even in Mexico, which is the cheapest of these countries, the fee per graft is $1.28. In Turkey, the fee per graft is $1.07. Turkey is 21 cents cheaper per graft, even when compared to Mexico, which is the cheapest competitor country for hair transplantation in the world.

Hair Transplant Quality in Turkey

Since 2014, the number of people who prefer hair transplant surgery has increased by 60% and continues to increase day by day. Due to the economic conditions in Turkey, the need for service exports is increasing day by day.

Turkey, which stands out with its investments in health tourism, has served and continues to serve millions of patients from all over the world for years.

Hair transplant clinics and doctors who want to increase service exports in Turkey to a much higher level; it continues to improve itself day by day and increase its technological and marketing investments. They have to get quality certificates by completing the tough conditions of the ministry of health. In addition, they have to have world-class quality certificates related to hair transplantation. When choosing your clinic and surgeon, asking whether they have these documents will create an element of trust for you.

Thanks to all these investments and efforts, the clinics are developing day by day, combining their experience with them, and continue to serve at world standards.

Hair Transplant Process in Turkey

Hair transplantation process in Turkey proceeds within the framework of a fully prepared system.

Prices generally include VIP transportation and 5-star hotel accommodation. First of all, you take you from the airport and take you to a full-fledged hospital and go through a complete health check. You decide which hair transplant method is suitable for you with professional surgeons and you start the process.

The most important of this process is the quality of the service provided after the hair transplant procedure. Many questions may arise in your mind during the recovery period after your hair transplant procedure. Clinics in Turkey usually offer a lifetime warranty. For this reason, not only until you have your hair transplant with you; they will be there for you until your healing process is complete, and even whenever you have a question.


If you are considering a hair transplant but are having a hard time choosing between dozens of countries and hundreds of different clinics, we think this article will help you make your decision.

Choosing a clinic that offers superior quality at affordable prices and has many years of experience will satisfy you both financially and morally. Hair transplantation in Turkey will be the most suitable option for you.