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911 Dollar VPN Price, How to Buy and Use in 2021

911 Dollar VPN - ScopeNew

I am sure you are here looking for a VPN that can completely hide your IP location of your desktop computer or laptop, let me introduce you to the in dept of 911 VPN which many also calls 911 Dollar VPN or $ 911 VPN which has the ability to hide your location and access any website on internet. Keep reading to know more about this powerful VPN. 

What are the uses of 911 VPN? 

Have ever accessed some websites on the internet and all you are told is that “Sorry you have no permission to access this site”, “This website is not available in your country”, “Access Denied” and more?  Do you ever wonder why you are not able to access it and such a message are shown to you? The reason is simple and there are several reasons for that, let me tell you few, some website owners because of security reasons would want their websites be only accessible to only the countries they want their users from. For example, there is a website in the United States of America with the name this website for now, is only targeting American citizens therefore if you are outside America and you open this website you will be blocked from accessing it. 

Another example is that, your host country may have a legislation against the access of a particular website hence we website cannot be accessed by the people of that country. A good example is China blocking YouTube, Google, Facebook and other websites in China preventing it citizens from accessing it. Which in the near future other countries including your country might block you from accessing your favorite website you like to visit a lot; well, this is not a prophecy any way.  

Looking at the above examples I have given so far, all hope is not lost yet, this is when 911 VPN comes in to rescue you from all the blocks. When you install and activate 911 Dollar VPN, you are able to access any website whether it’s the block is by the website company or its by your host country every limit will be removed. 

Want to Download the 911 VPN Software for Free? CLICK HERE

What are the Features of 911 VPN? 

The 911 VPN comes with a several features that very useful for accessing restricted websites around the globe. 

Below are some of the features available in the 911 VPN; 

  • Has Proxies to about 190 countries. 
  • Ability to use 1 proxy for about 24 hours before getting weak or expired. 
  • Ability to drag and drop browsers into the VPN’s software to access it from there. 
  • Ability to hide only a section of your computer’s location or the whole computer’s location. 
  • Ability to use states or regions proxies within a country you choose. 
  • It’s has a Socks5 Protocol 
  • Unmetered Bandwidth 
  • No expiry dates. 

What is the Price of 911 VPN? 

911 VPN comes in different prices and for everything we know the higher the price the better it gets. Even though each 911 VPN plan you buy, it has the same security level but what changes is the number of proxies that each plan contains. Which means the higher the price, the more amount proxies you get and longer time you are able to use it. See below for the prices of 911 VPN. 

PriceNumber of Proxies
Prices of 911 VPN 2021

What is the Official Website of 911 VPN? 

I understand why you asking this question, the internet seems to be no man’s land therefore it is important to browse on the web with caution so that you get deceived into accessing different website other than the one you intend to access. 

Now let’s get to the point.  911 VPN has four (4) different official websites which when you visit will still lead you one place. Their official websites are as follows; 


How to Buy 911 VPN. 

911 VPN accepts several modes of payment Bitcoin, Litecoin, WebMoney, Alipay and UnionPay with Bitcoin being the easiest one to use for buying the 911 VPN. 

I am going to show you how you can buy the 911VPN using a Bitcoin, just follow the steps below; 

  1. First Setup a Bitcoin Account and depending on the plan you want to purchase make sure to about increase the amount by some little amount, for example if you want to buy the $20. VPN you will need to make sure to have about $25 worth of Bitcoin in your account or wallet. 
  2. Now that you have some amount in your Bitcoin account, visit any of the 911 VPN’s official websites which are;,, or Any of them you open is fine. 
  3. On the 911 website click on the Sign up button, I know if it’s your first time you will be kind of curious of scared but don’t worry it is simpler than you thought. 

Once you click on the registration button you will be given a form to fill, make sure to use a valid or correct email address which you can login to that email at any time so that incase if you forget your 911 VPN’s password you can recover at any time.  Please make sure you have money available in your Bitcoin wallet before you begin this process of filling the 911 VPN registration form.

Fill every point in the form and remember to save all the details somewhere safe because when you them it might hurt you in the future when you forget your 911 VPN username and password. Once the registration is done successfully and payment is done, you will be take to your user dashboard where you can download a copy of the 911 VPN Software.

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Easiest Way to Change TikTok Date of Birth or Birth Day

The TikTok App you love so much, do not allow you to easily change your date of birth of your birth day, to be able to do these changes, you will need to go the extra mile. However, it can be done at the end so it’s worth it. I’m going to show you how to change your age on TikTok with simple steps, it’s pretty quick and easy so let’s jump right in. 

What are the Steps to Change my Date of Birth on TikTok? 

So, I have Tok-tok opened here. I will tap on the little “me” icon at the bottom right here and you will also have to do the same what are you waiting for? Well, after clicking on the “me” icon you can now see Edit Profile, when you tap on it, there’s nowhere that says my age over there. 

We can also tap on the three dots at the top right, and then go to manage my account, and yet nothing in here will tell us the actual age that we selected when I signing up. Unfortunately, there’s no way to kind of, you know, change that number within the app itself.  

However, there’s a really cool trick that you can use to change your age on TikTok, but it will require you to log out because we are going to kind of fake that are creating a new account, I hope your heart is not beating at this point? Don’t worry your account will be safe. Whatever trick we use, new account will not be created, and whatever data you have in your account will be intact, I think that makes sense, right?   

Steps to Changing Date of Birth on TikTok

So now let’s begin. just tap the little logout button here, and your account is going to be logged out for a moment. Now attempt to login back, or if you see the “Sign Up” button you can click on that. 

So, what we are going to do here is we are going to apply some little trick and say that we are going to create a new account, sign up for TikTok, using phone or email. This will tell you to select a “birthday” now at this point all you want to do is make sure you select your new preferred date of birth and of course it must be 16 years or above.  

Click on next, and then the next step will be to enter an email, here make sure to enter the email or the phone number that you use for your original account. So, you are acting like you are creating a new account but you’re actually using your original account. After typing that in, hit Next, you’ll be required to do this little verification code. And then you will receive a feedback that says you’re already signed up what this means is that the process is done successfully don’t worry. 

Now on the login section or screen you will have to type in your email and password, and then log in. And then there you go, your date of birth is successfully changed, I’ve changed my birthday. Mine has been changed successfully and I hope yours too. 

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Stardew Valley Wiki – Download, Walkthroughs, Tips 2021

Stardew Valley wiki is a comprehensive resource for all the answers to your questions about the popular game. This site has been built with an intention to be a complete source of information on everything related to this game. 

Stardew Valley is a pixelated game that mostly is played in a farm yard, The game which at this time cost about $20 is a bit tricky and requires thinking to execute successfully everything in your farm yard. Today discuss about Stardew Valley Wiki which seeks to give all the major answers to the game’s puzzles you might have to solve. 

About Stardew Valley. 

Stardew Valley is the type of game that is largely played on a farm yard, its requires that the player of the game explore the farm, build the farm gradually and also unlock certain unique features on the farm. there is entire unique world to explore a lot of which you need to unlock to even see and it is all carefully planned out so that one area does not look like the of the simplest thing players mostly do is to pick the vegetations like spring onion, dandelion, Coral, leek and more from one area to another, which also change from time to time, season to season. There is a town with a lot of vegetations available in the Stardew Valley where the player can also move around. the truth is that every part of the game feels unique hence eliminating the repetitions of designs and other stuffs. 

The game has from level 0 to 10 with the 0 being the easiest and preferably for those with lower skills, you can arise all the way up to level ten as your skills increases. On Stardew Valley Wiki you are able to find a lot of these tips to help you start. 

Before Starting Stardew Valley 

Before you begin to play Stardew Valley you will be required to choose the avatar you would like to represent you in the game. The Avatar has two genders male and female for you to choose the one you prefer. it also lets you select the skin tone type, hair type, shirt and even the pants. so, in the nut shell you are able to customize fully the appearance of your avatar and finally give it a name, maybe your name, after that you select your farm type which really what Stardew is about and the farm is where you will be playing the game with the aim of building the farm to a higher standard. There is a Stardew Valley Wiki platform for some answers to Stardew related questions you can find out a bit more from there too. 

Features in Stardew Valley. 

  • Map: The basic required of the game is map of your farm yard. This the map you have a fair idea of how your farm looks, where treasures are hidden, where you can find water bodies and any other thing. Think of it as a real map of your community. The maps in Stardew Valley are given names which are; Standard Farm, Four Corner Farm. 

Tips for Beginners. 

Every game for beginners, you certainly will need some Tips, I will give you few tips for Stardew Valley staters which you should consider when playing the game. 

Stardew valley is one of the most rewarding and awesome game I have ever played. 

Tip 1: you need to sell your Sell your parsnip seeds 

Note: As you start the game you get 15 parsnip seeds. (Parsnip is a crop available to plant on the first day of the game) 

Tip 2: Wait for strawberry seeds, on 13th of spring there is special event which is call the egg hunt event. Strawberries are one the highest growing crop in spring. I will recommend buying all the strawberry seed you can before leaving the festival. 

Tip 3: Use the Stardew wiki, the wiki is amazing to use but it has no reward, only to educated you of the best practices and what to do. 

Tip 4: watch the tv, when watching the tv you get to see the weather report, Fortune teller, you will also find quick farming tips. 

How to Download Stardew Valley Game on iPhone or Android 

The game is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android phones, you download them and start playing on your phone, however is cost $4.99 for subscription before you can start playing. 


The Stardew Valley wiki is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a comprehensive resource on all things related to this game. Whether it’s general information about how your farm operates, or where you can find specific items in-game; the Stardew Valley Wiki is your go-to source! And don’t forget that we’ve compiled an extensive list of tips and tricks at our blog as well, so be sure to check those out too! Now get back into the swing of farming with these new insights – until next time. 

What’s Stardew Valley Wiki?

The Stardew Valley wiki is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a comprehensive resource on all things related to this game.

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How to Download Latest 911 VPN for Free 2021

Briefly I believe you already know that the setup of 911 VPN, 911 s5 proxy, 911 Dollar VPN or the $ 911 are all the same thing by the same brand or company. In the above names you can choose to call it any how you want it, however if you are looking for the setup to download, then you are the right place, I will give you the download setup for you to be able to download this 911 VPN for use. 

What is 911 VPN or Setup? 

911 VPN or Setup is a software used to change the completely or partially the location of your computer so that you can be able to get access to restricted websites base on location or base on your country’s restrictions. For example, if you want to open a particular website because of your location the website does not work for you, then that is when you will need a VPN like the 911 S5 VPN which when you install and activate, you can open the website without being blocked. 

Another good thing about the 911 VPN is that it is able to hide your real identity online so that it confuses hackers online letting them think you are in a different country.  Check Also How to Buy 911 VPN Yourself

How to Download the 911 VPN Setup 

Genuinely before you can get access to 911 VPN and download it, you must first be someone who has purchased the 911 VPN before, so that anytime you login to your account you can see the download section to download the Software setup. Don’t worry I have the 911 VPN software and I am going to share with you so that you can download it and use it, however it is only the setup and you will need 911 VPN user name and password to be able to login and start using it after downloading it. 

Download the 911 VPN Below; 

Hold On, My Humble Request before you click on download, take a minute of your type and share this article on your Facebook for us.


I will periodically update this 911 VPN software version periodically when there are new versions. The VPN does not come with an account, you must find your own your account to login and start using it. 

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