TikTok Videos and How to Upload Your Videos to TikTok to get more Views

If you are a social media user who loves to watch videos, pictures you definitely know by now that TikTok is one of the best platforms you can watch amazing and funny videos called TikTok Videos, get to connect with people you already know and those you don’t know at all. Speaking for myself I have been able to make several friends on social media both boys and girls, being a platform that many people like to sign up and have fun with what is there for them, New social media platforms also keep springing up with new innovation to make sure that the attention of people are drawn to it, the recent one being TikTok which after its inception since 2015 has gained a lot of popularity because of its innovation.

How TikTok Works

TikTok is a video platform that allows its users to upload videos onto the platform either with the TikTok App or Website, first you will need to visit the TikTok website if you wish to use your computer to access the platform or download the App from Google play store or Apple Store.

 Secondly, you will need to signup to the platform if you do not have an account already, oh don’t worry the account is free and easy to create lol. TikTok has made the registration process very flexible for interested fans to create their account with multiple options e.g.; using your email address, using your Facebook account, using your twitter account or using your Google account. This indeed make the registration process simple and faster to register.

Even though you can watch videos on TikTok without creating an account but if you want to do more than just watching the TikTok Videos, for example, Commenting, Liking Videos or even uploading your own videos you will need to create an account for yourself before you can have the full access.

Uploading Videos on TikTok.

In case you decide to show yourself in a video to the world or any other video, TikTok has a room for you to do that. You can upload a pre-recorded videos or a live video on Tik Tok and even edit them to add filters and stickers in the process if you so wish to add some beaty to the video.  Now let me tell you a story, I recorded a video of my mechanic fixing my car and uploaded it on my TikTok account and to my surprise the views I got from that was disappointing. The next time I recording a video of my 2 years old daughter doing the meowing sound like a cat and I uploaded it on my TikTok account and I got a lot of sharing, views and comments. At this point, I was totally convinced that your video has to be funny on TikTok to gain a lot of shares, views and comments. I hope you will not forget this point.

 Uploading your video on TikTok do not require any special skills or knowledge, you will just have to click on the plus sign on App and if on website just click on the Upload button to select the video you would want to upload on TikTok.

TikTok Videos

Once you get on TikTok the major things you see are the recent videos uploaded by its users, to see more videos from other people all you will need to do is to swipe up the videos to the next available vidoes this fun to swipe feature makes you swipe more vidoes than you will intend to. In fact you can find your favorite celebraties on TikTok with great videos you will enjoy watching all day, Well my little secret is I think I am a victim myself when I had to watch a TikTok video of my favourite celebraty all day.

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