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Who would have thought that a young boy from Birmingham, England could grow up to be the son of one of the most recognisable rock stars in history? When Thelma Riley married English singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne in 2002, Elliot Kingsley became part of their family. Although he was never an official member of Black Sabbath or any other band associated with his father’s career, Elliot Kingsley still had a unique experience being raised by someone so famous, something many kids are not too lucky to have an experience of. 

About Family of Elliot Kingsley.

As the only child of the couple’s marriage, it seemed like Elliot Kingsley would enjoy all that comes from living such a privileged lifestyle as son to one of the most successful rock stars alive today: love, admiration, wealth everything one could want, certainly while growing up in this new life may have been exciting at first for young Elliott Kingsley.  He is still a Youngster and do not have any kid yet, we don’t know what his plan about having kids are, please share with us incase if you do. Ozzy Osbourne father of Thelma Riley & Ozzy Osbourne Jr. adopted Elliot Kingsley when he was a baby not knowing that one day, he would become famous too.

What’s Elliot Kingsley’s Life History?  

Elliot Kingsley was having a good life but he however soon realised that being raised by someone so famous comes with its own set of challenges. His father’s fans are always looking for him and take pictures without his permission; girls date him exclusively because they know who his dad is – which can be both nice and weird at times; people don’t really see Elliot Kingsley as himself but rather just someone who is having a good living. 

What’s Elliot Kingsley’s Career? 

Elliot Kingsley has been able to establish himself as a producer in his own right, working alongside some of the biggest names in music – including hip-hop star Jay Z – thanks largely to Ozzy and this youngster is turning opportunities into success. 

History of Ozzy Osbourne, Elliot Kingsley’s Step Dad 

Ozzy Osbourne is a retired English singer-songwriter who married Thelma Riley and adopted Elliot Kingsley. he is very good at what he does. Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter is Jessica Marie, who was born in 1987. she does not know Elliot very well and barely talks to him. 

Elisa Riley Osbourne also known as Lisa O’Sulivan married John Michael Sullivan on January 16th 2016 in Las Vegas  

Lisa O’Sullivan has a son named Mason with her ex-partner James Jurdi but they have since split up. She lives the high life now that her dad is no longer here and spends most of his money on things like clothes and trips abroad. 

She really doesn’t care about anything or anyone except herself because she never had any responsibilities before so why should she start taking them now? 

History of Thelma Riley, Elliots Kingsley’s Mother 

Thelma Riley had a very difficult childhood, being the daughter of an alcoholic and abusive father. She was brought up in poverty with her mother who struggled to provide for her family on domestic earnings alone. Thelma became pregnant at 18 years old by James Taweel Robinson while they were dating but he left them when she told him about it. 

She got married to Ozzy Osbourne after moving back from America. They have two children together: Jessica Marie (born 1987) and Elliot Kingsley (adopted 1989). 

What is the height of Elliot Kingsley? 

Elliot Kingsley is the same height as her mother. His father, Robert John “Ozzy” Osbourne is taller than his wife Thelma Riley by an inch or two.  

Thelma has a short stature of only 168 centimeters tall and she’s three inches shorter than her husband Ozzy who stands at 171 cm. Elliot went through puberty around age 18 so he became more equal to his parents’ heights since then but still remains slightly below their own average height for males in America (which is 183cm).  

Who Is Elliot Kingsley Having a Relationship with Right Now? 

Elliot Kingsley is currently single. He has been in relationships with Vogue Italia model Camille Rowe and photographer Mert Alas. Elliot’s dating life hasn’t been without the media catching on to his romances, which include: 

-Camille Rowe (girlfriend)  

-Mert Alas (boyfriend)  

-Kylie Jenner (ex-girlfriend)  

-Rebecca Williamson (ex-girlfriend). 

What is the Net Worth of Ozzy’s step-son Elliot Kingsley? 

Elliot Kingsley’s net worth is $12 million. The son of Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne, his family includes a rockstar parent who has adopted him. His career which is in the entertainment industry is one that pays well and he even spends most of his time on Instagram telling all the world how much fun he is having. 

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