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Rozene Cohran was an ordinary woman living in Tennessee until she met her husband, Charley Pride. After meeting him at a music festival and eventually getting married to the legendary musician, Rozene’s life quickly changed as they moved from town to town every few months so that Charley could play his shows for adoring fans all over America. It seems like love did not only strike once but twice when their daughter also fell for a country singer! 

Many people come into prominence after having relationships with celebrities- just like any other person would do if they got together with someone famous or successful. In this article we will learn about one such individual Rozene Cohran who had quite an interesting story of how she came into fame: somehow coming across rockstar Charley Pride through. 

Relationship Details of Rozene Cohran

Rozene Cohran’s love life is a story of eternal romance. She met Charley when he bought her favorite record, “It Only Hurts for a Little While” by The Ames Brothers. They started dating one another and fell in love as soon as they did so; before their marriage Rozene Cohran exchanged the wedding vows with her husband Charley Pride in 1956! 

 For more than 63 years the couple has been side by side living together as husband and wife. Her prideful husband said that she was there for him before his fame, everything. He joked they had only “five backs between us” when they met because their faces were pressed against each other in a phone booth on 72nd street waiting to make a call or run an errand back in 1940s Harlem. Rozene Cohran and her husband both have one common philosophy: “A couple who works together stays together.”  

Of course, they have offspring they can call their own from their years of marriage and they are; Kraig Pride, Dion Pride and Angela Pride who is the only female among the two boys. 

From a young age, Dion Pride has always had an interest in singing. He inherited his father’s love of performing on stage as well and is known for being the next big thing with his iconic performances alongside dad. Kraig also shares this same passion but prefers to take it down a notch by having started up a reggae band! Both brothers share strong bonds with one another that can be seen from their close bond they have now at such early stages of life together, you only need to look back into history to see how much affection was shared between them when they were all just children growing up under their parents’ roof. 

Life Career and Net Worth of Rozene Cohran

Rozene Cohran (born Rosalina D. Aguilar) is an American citizen and the daughter of two black parents. She was born in Los Angeles, California where she attended Birmingham High School before attending Cal Poly Pomona on a basketball scholarship from 2007 to 2012 after which time Rozene Cohran began modeling full-time for major brands like Nike, Adidas as well as smaller agencies such as Posh Kids Clothing Company based out of Miami Florida. 

Rozane’s Cohran most recent contract has been with Reebok that provides her with steady income every year while also allowing her free reign over various projects both inside and outside their brand including launching her own clothing line “Queenz by Ro” designed exclusively for women who share similar attributes. 

Her husband Charley Pride may not be the most famous country singer, but he is rumored to have a net worth of $40 million. This estimate comes from some sources who say that his musical career and stint in professional baseball are responsible for this wealth. Along with being an accomplished musician himself, many people remember him as one-half of iconic duo Homer & Jethro along with fellow Oklahoman Homer Harris (The other “Homer” was replaced by actor Dan Haggerty). Roll on Mississippi and prayers from Rozene Cohran also made it very successful. 

Rozene Cohran Husband’s Charley Death, How True is it? 

The world was shocked when they heard the news that Rozene’s husband Charley had died. On Tuesday, November 26th 2019, there were whispers and prayers sent in hope of him being found alive but unfortunately, he wasn’t seen again. Rumors started to spread around claiming his death an hour after a post suggesting it on Facebook went viral with over 75k shares before quickly deleting it all together without any explanation or updates from anyone involved until finally coming back online announcing that this was just another rumor like so many others have been throughout their lives as celebrities.  Rozene Cohran at this point must have been the happiest woman on earth knowing everything was fine.

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