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Have you ever spent your first winter on the new staple without a Stardew Valley Greenhouse? I have, and I must say it considerably reduces the amount of money you can make in winter, and it also results in having less stuff to do in winter without a greenhouse, your winter will probably consist of fishing and mining in the skull cavern, which isn’t bad, it can just be a little bit repetitive, over the course of an entire season. So, in this video, I will be giving you some tips and tricks of how I usually make sure I unlock the greenhouse, around mid-fall right in time to start preparing for winter.  

Let’s get started. Unlocking the greenhouse in Stardew Valley is actually not that tough, you just need to restore the pantry in the community center by completing all the pantry bundles, most of the bundles are pretty straightforward, but the ones that make this tricky are the quality crops bundle the animal bundle, and the artisan bundle these bundles aren’t difficult to complete. Third, just a little bit more difficult to complete in your first year, because you have little money, and most of your skills are pretty low level. 

Spring Crops Bundle in Stardew Valley 

First spring, you will need to complete the spring crops bundle, this is a very easy bundle to complete just spend at least one parsnip, one green beans, one cauliflower and one potato, make sure to go to them every day, and harvest them when they are ready, It will be good to donate them to the community center as soon as you get them to make sure you don’t accidentally sell or eat them. 

Quality Crops Bundle in Stardew Valley 

The quality crops bundle is where it gets a little bit more difficult. You will need five gold store parsnips and with a very low farming level harvesting crops in the beginning of the game is not that easy. So, it’s pretty good that we recommend planting quite a few parsnips.  

The seeds are really cheap, and they are fully matured within only four days. To increase your chances of getting golden parsnips, use basic fertilizer, they’re very easy to me. 

Animal Bundle in Stardew Valley 

One of the trickier bundles to complete, early on is the animal bundle, so you need to try and get a silo and the coop in spring. To create a silo, you will need five copper boards, 100 Stone, 10 clay and the 100-gold design is pretty easy to get early on just spend any extra time you have in the mines getting coal and stone and hit wormholes to get some claim. 

 After you have your silo, you should get your coop, it will cost you 4000 Gold 300 woods and 100 stones, there are plenty of trees around your Stardew Valley farm, the only difficulty here is the 4000 gold, you might need to sacrifice some of the strawberry seeds at the egg festival for the coop, but it’s probably worth it. 

 After you have your coop try and get a normal chicken and a brown chicken, you will need both of their eggs for animal bundle, you will need large eggs so make sure to pet them and feed them every day, so that they are happy. This means you will probably be very broke in summer, but try and get your barn in spring as well. 

 To get the barn you will need 350 Wood, 150 stone and 6000 Gold, it’s pretty expensive, early on in the game but getting all of these in spring will greatly help you because your farm animals need to grow up and get increased because they need the large versions of the animal products.   

 As soon as your barn is ready get a cow. Usually, I get two cows because I love bringing cheese into the mines, but you only really need one. Once you have all these items in spring, you can spend the rest of your spring completing the spring foraging bundle catching the spring fish and getting deeper into the mine. 

 Spring is quite an important season. If you miss any of the spring only items don’t have to wait an entire year to complete the bundle, this has happened to me before, with quality parsnips.  

Summer Crops Bundle in Stardew Valley 

Okay, so spring was a very busy season, and summer is going to be just as busy. To start off we need to complete the summer crops bundle. Another simple one just plant, one of each crop and give them to the community center as soon as you get them. 

 You will need to plant a tomato, a hot paper, a blueberry and a melon. Now onto the quality crops bundle, you can actually complete the quality crops bundle in summer.  

To plant some corn crops and some melons. You will need five Gold Star Coins but fortunately for us, the corn re-grows and grows over both summer and fall, so you only need to plant about 10, eventually you will get the five gold star corn.  

For melons, make sure to plant as many as you can on the first day of summer, if you don’t get the five gold star melons you need, you can plant another batch and they will be ready to harvest just before the end of summer, any melons that you don’t need for bundles you can sell, and then make quite a bit of money, you will need that money trust me. 

 In summer, it’s very important to upgrade your coop, to a big coop, and your barn to big barn, this is where most of your money will go, you will need 10,000 gold for the big coop, which will allow you to get a duck, make sure to get the duck as soon as possible because you need a duck egg, the big barn will cost you 12,000 Gold. This is a lot of money early on in the game, but you will be able to get it goat and you need large goat’s milk, getting these early in summer will help a lot because they need to fully grow up before they can start to produce animal products.  

Around early summer you should have made about 25,000 gold, and you will get to pick what cave you want on your farm to make life much easier I usually pick the fruit bat cave, the fruit Bat cave will give you every kind of food you need to complete the artisan and bundle, such as apples, oranges, and cherries, but the fruit bat is kind of random, you might get tons of foraging goods and duplicates. So, I usually make cheese honey and jelly early on to Durney to the artisan bundle, so we can finish that earlier. 

So if everything went well in spring and summer, the only bundles there for you to complete are the full crops bundle and maybe the animal bundle, and artists and a couple more items but thanks to all the preparation and hard work we put in spring and summer, you’ll definitely get the animal bundles and artists and bundles completed soon, wisdom, patience, and making sure to pack your animals, every day, and check the fruit bat cave regularly for the rest of summer spend your time catching fish that are summer exclusive and getting deeper into the mines, don’t forget to upgrade your tools and backspace as well. They make your life much easier. 

Fall Crops in Stardew Valley 

Now, when it is fall, you can start to relax a little bit with some patients we will get all of the animal products meat and all the artisans’ items we need to complete those two bundles, all that’s left is the fall crops bundle, you will need to plant some corn, plant pumpkin and a yam since we already planted corn in summer, and then we grow over fall as well, you should already have some corn. I only wanted a single pumpkin, eggplant, and yet, because I wanted to maximize my profits by buying tons of cranberries, I made sure to donate the items to the community center as soon as I got them so as to not accidentally sell or eat them, especially since I only bought one of each crop, I usually only started investing in sprinklers.  

Of course, you can just wait until you get radiant sprinklers but motoring was getting tedious, and I can always use the quality sprinklers at ginger Island once I have gotten at Iridium sprinklers.  

Once you have donated all your fall crops and completed the fall crops bundle you should have already restored the pantry, just sleep and you wake up to a beautiful new greenhouse ready to be filled with all kinds of crops entry.  

You might not have noticed, but completing the pantry and unlocking the greenhouse earlier on has set your farm up for success.  

You have a big coupe, a big barn, and animals have actually produced a ton of money. I’m also working on a greenhouse guide and how to maximize your space in the greenhouse to make maximum profit, so do well to check back for latest updates which will be very much useful. 

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